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NOW'S the time to send your January consignments to R&R. Resolve to get the highest selling prices for your quality signed items! The New Year brings a new opportunity to consign monthly and be paid monthly.


Eugene O'Neill

The Deadline Cometh...

...For January consignments! Start the New Year by earning top dollar on your quality signed items. The professional consignment services of R&R are ready to be put to work for you.
From start-to-finish, R&R makes it easy for you to be a successful consignor. We give you monthly auction opportunity, monthly payoffs, a qualified and dedicated bidding audience, and first-class product representation. Why not take advantage of the New Year to be added to the R&R payroll... consign monthly, be paid monthly. It's that easy.

January consignments will be accepted through Saturday, December 1.*

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Take advantage of consignor-friendly services that will make the most of your consignment opportunity:

... Immediate Notification of Package Delivery
... Detailed, Researched Lot Descriptions
... Generously Sized Lot Illustrations
... Cash Advances
... Reasonable Lot Reserves**
... Free Pickup Service for Qualifying Collections**
... 10% Commission for QUANTITY/QUALITY**
... 5% Promotional Commission for IN DEMAND Items

Contact Elizebeth at [email protected] or (800) 937-3880 to have your quality signatures included in R&R's upcoming auction. Get exceptional results for your exceptional consignments.


phone: (800) 937-3880

*depending on the date of delivery and quantity of materials submitted, items arriving at, or near, the December 1 deadline might be scheduled for the February auction - consignments will be processed for auctioning on a first-come, first-to-auction basis up to our catalog lot maximum
**subject to meeting certain requirements