August 2, 2007: Somerset, NJ – Just Collect, Inc. (eBay ID: just_collect) announced today it will offer its auction services, 100 percent commission-free, to the fan catching Barry Bond’s record-breaking home run ball (#756). Just Collect will feature the baseball on eBay, the world’s largest auction house, and auction it off to the highest bidder.

With a likely value for the record-breaking ball of $400,000 to $500,000, Just Collect’s standard commission would be about $75,000. With this offer, the firm allows the lucky fan to keep this commission as a congratulatory gift for the catch or donate it to the charity of their choice!

Just Collect is eBay’s largest consignment seller of vintage sports cards and memorabilia. The firm sells millions of dollars of cards and memorabilia annually for its clients, and is very interested in bringing this historic baseball to market.

“The Barry Bonds record-breaking home run ball is a significant piece of history, and Just Collect is excited to offer our industry-leading service to the lucky fan that catches it,” said Leighton Sheldon, co-president of the firm. “We have the best reputation and the strongest client base in the market. Our sports card and memorabilia auctions regularly set worldwide sales records, and we look forward to setting one with the Bonds home run ball. Imagine catching the ball, selling it for a record price, and paying no commission… that’s a home run!”

The fan catching the ball needs to contact Just Collect’s office at (732) 828-2261 or email [email protected] within 30 days. The fan will receive 100% of the ball’s sales price; Just Collect will pay all eBay fees and charge no commission.

About Just Collect,

Just Collect, Inc. (eBay ID: just_collect) is eBay’s largest consignment seller of vintage sports cards and memorabilia. Every week, the firm sells hundreds of items for tens of thousands of dollars on consignment for collectors, investors, and dealers. Just Collect is known for maximizing the value of its clients’ sports cards and memorabilia. Its strong clientele of tens of thousands of bidders ensures Just Collect’s offerings realize top prices every week. Leighton Sheldon, co-president of Just Collect, has been working in the sports memorabilia industry for 12 years and was formerly Director of Acquisitions for a major New York sports auction house. Scott Greenwald, also co-president, has a degree in IT and transitioned from an investment advisory background to found Just Collect with Mr. Sheldon. For more information, please call Just Collect at (732) 828-2261 or email [email protected].