No daredevil stunts or covert operations required to get an early July consignor payoff. Simply send your consignments for delivery by Friday, May 18 and have your July consignor payoff sent on August 20 (rather than September 1)*. R&R makes the best sales results probable by offering the best auction services possible.

Send July Consignments Now!

MONTHLY Consignment Opportunity and Payoffs.... 10% Commission for QUANTITY/QUALITY**.... Reasonable Reserves Accepted**...Free Pickup Service for Qualifying Collections**.... 5% Promotional Commission for IN DEMAND Items.... Full-color Catalog Presentation.... Qualified, Global Bidding Audience.... 24/7 Online Bidding

NINE FEATURE SECTIONS MAKE IT EASY FOR BIDDERS TO COMPETE FOR YOUR LOTS: Presidents.... Notables and Notorious.... Military.... Space & Aviation.... Art & Literature.... Comic Art & Animation.... Music.... Entertainment.... Sports

For questions on consigning, please contact Elizebeth Otto at [email protected] or by phone at (603) 732-4280 ext 118.

July consignments will continue to be accepted through Friday, June 1.*** All quality autographed photos, documents, letters, manuscripts, and other signed materials are welcome.

R&R Enterprises - 5 Route 101A, Suite 5 - Amherst, NH 03031

*please enclose a request for the early payout option within your consignment package

**subject to meeting certain requirements

***depending on the date of delivery and quantity of materials submitted, items arriving at, or near, the June 1 deadline might be scheduled for the August auction - consignments will be processed for auctioning on a first-come, first- auction basis up to our maximum catalog capacity