Having more cash in hand sooner is a good thing. And that is what you'll have when you take advantage of an early June consignor payoff. Simply have your consignments delivered to R&R by Friday, April 20 and your June consignor check will be in the mail on July 23 (rather than August 4). There's no detective work needed to know that this is a great deal; the proof will be in your payoff.

Send June Consignments Now!

MONTHLY Consignment Opportunity and Payoffs.... 10% Commission for QUANTITY/QUALITY*.... Reasonable Reserves Accepted*...Free Pickup Service for Qualifying Collections*.... 5% Promotional Commission for IN DEMAND Items.... Full-color Catalog Presentation.... Qualified, Global Bidding Audience.... 24/7 Online Bidding

NINE FEATURE SECTIONS MAKE IT EASY FOR BIDDERS TO COMPETE FOR YOUR LOTS: Presidents.... Notables and Notorious.... Military.... Space & Aviation.... Art & Literature.... Comic Art & Animation.... Music.... Entertainment.... Sports

For questions on consigning, please contact Elizebeth Otto at elizebeth@rrauction.com or by phone at (603) 732-4280 ext 118.

June consignments will continue to be accepted through Tuesday, May 1.** All quality autographed photos, documents, letters, manuscripts, and other signed materials are welcome.

R&R Enterprises - 5 Route 101A, Suite 5 - Amherst, NH 03031

*subject to meeting certain requirements;

**depending on the date of delivery and quantity of materials submitted, items arriving at, or near, the May 1 deadline might be scheduled for the July auction - consignments will be processed for auctioning on a first-come, first- auction basis up to our maximum catalog capacity