Centennial,CO - Mile High Card Company continued down the path of success and reinforced their position as the preeminent auctioneer of truly rare and premium high grade Sportscards in the hobby with a firm record $2,254,795.00 auction that culminated January 18th. MHCC used their tried and true method of exceptional quality as well as sense of market trends combined with their unparalleled reputation as the leading boutique style auction house for rare and high grade cards as well as memorabilia plus a heavy dose of exceptionally effective marketing to again come up with a highly successful hobby event.

"Make no mistake about it, our customers have spoken and surely made clearly evident that they prefer an auction in the style and format that we offer" explained company President Brian Drent. To further the point, Drent explained that the firm's long standing tradition of bringing new fresh material to the gavel as well as combining that with an effective marketing campaign headlined by an impressive catalog as well as wisely chosen print advertising and a powerful and effective electronic media ads, has resulted in truly outstanding realizations in regards to prices realized. The just completed January 18th auction featured astounding prices, many that had never before been encountered in the market further cementing Mile High Card Company's position atop the high-end collectibles market. Many of the highlights of the sale are below.

A Card With Every Caramel

In what may have been one of the biggest highlights in the auction a nearly complete set of E90-1 American Caramel's (119/120 missing only Joe Jackson for completion) that was almost completely graded by PSA fetched a stunning $149,112.00 which is without question the highest price ever paid for a like set. Continuing on with Caramel cards which is absolutely one of the hottest segments of the pre-war market, Mile High Card Co. achieved stunning prices for the following E98's: 1910 E98 Ty PSA 7 NM $31,826.00, 1910 E98 Hans Wagner PSA 5 EX $16,994.00, 1910 E98 M. Brown PSA 6 EX/MT $7,783.00, 1910 E98 Joe Tinker PSA 6 EX/MT $6,603.00, 1910 E98 Johnny Evers PSA 6 EX/MT 7,263.00, as well many other candy cards performed to similarly exceptional level highlighted by the following: 1908 E102 Ty Cobb PSA 6 EX/MT $17,965.00, 1910 E 93 Honus Wagner PSA 6 EX/MT $8,098.00, and a 1915 E106 American Caramel Honus Wagner PSA 3 VG $4,501.00.

Cardboard Highlights

The MHCC sale was chalk full of astounding high-end Sportscards that performed to extraordinary levels that were highlighted by the following: In the Nineteenth Century arena prices were astounding for the following cards; A gorgeous 1887 N690-1 Kalamazoo Bats Cabinet of the Boston Baseball Club graded Authentic by PSA garnered strong interest and sold for $16,225.00, while a beautiful 18943 N142 Honest Duke Cabinet of Ed Delahanty found a new home to the tune of $14,725.00, as well an 1887 N28 Cap Anson graded PSA 7 NM sold for $8,112.00 and an 1887 N28 Timothy Keefe PSA 8 NM/MT was gaveled down at $7,362.00. Performing to equally strong results were the following cards: a 1911 T3 Turkey Red #99 Walter Johnson PSA 6 EX/MT $17,816.00, a 1911 M116 Sporting Life Nap Lajoie PSA 9 MINT $8,924.00, while an exceedingly difficult 1914 Texas Tommy (Type 1) Honus Wagner PSA 6 EX/MT changed hands at the tune of $31,563.00, a 1933 Goudey #144 Babe Ruth performed to expectations with a sale price of 416,762.00, conversely a 1941 Play Ball #71 Joe DiMaggio outpaced recent sales closing at $11,877.00, where as a 1948 Leaf #79 Jackie Robinson performed well with a final total of $6,296.00, as well as a 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle PSA 5 EX $15,617.00, also a 1954 Bowman #170 Duke Snider PSA 10 GEM MINT sold for $8,200.00, and a 1958 Topps #433 Pancho Herrera (Herrer) PSA 7 NM sold for a resounding $7,250.00

Complete Sets Are A Smash Hit

Not to be outdone by the prices of single cards, complete sets as well as partial sets and groups in all four sports performed to astounding levels highlighted by the following; a truly spectacular 1954 Bowman Baseball Near Set with many variations completely PSA graded with many PSA 8's and 9's sold for $36,811.00, while a complete 1955 Bowman Baseball set completely PSA graded sold for $32,664.00, as well a solid 1959 Topps Baseball set reached $24,541.00, a stellar 1973 Topps Baseball complete set fetched a solid number by selling for $17,178.00, Baseball was not the only sport to excel as a stunning 1948 Bowman Basketball set Completely PSA Graded (5th best on the PSA Set Registry) sold for a whopping $30,423.00, and a high grade completely PSA graded 1961 Fleer Basketball Set found a new home to the tune of $19,632.00, as well a stunning completely PSA 8 NM/MT graded 1955 Bowman performed past expectations at $24,541.00, Hockey also made a big splash in the MHCC auction with these sets selling at astounding levels, an incredibly high grade 1954 Topps Hockey set with each card PSA graded sold $28,694.00, while a strong condition completely PSA graded 1957 Topps Hockey set sold for $15, 809.00, as well a beautiful 1964 Topps "tallboys" Hockey that was completely PSA graded sold for a stunning $30,808.00.

Basketball, Football and Hockey Card Prices Astound

Make no mistake about it baseball was not the only sport that saw frenzied bidding here are some of the highlights of the 'other" major sports; A 1957 Kahn's jack Twyman PSA 9 MINT sold for $1,912.00, while a 1957 Yopps #77 Bill Russell PSA 7 NM sold well at $3,563.00, and a 1957 Topps #80 Dick Schnittker PSA 8 found a new home for $3,592.00, Football was highlighted by the following: a 1950 Bowman #8 Mac Speedie PSA 10 GEM MINT 3,471.00, also a 1950 Bowman #9 Tony Canadeo PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $1,796.00, as well a 1952 Bowman Small #46 Art Donavon PSA 8 sold exceedingly well for $979.00, and a 1956 Topps #1 Jack Carson PSA 8 sold for $2,546.00, and a 1961 Fleer #220 Sid Youngelman PSA 9 MINT sold for $1157.00, as well a 1964 Philadelphia #17 Mike Ditka sold for an astounding $3,080.00. Hockey cards were absolutely not left out of the fracas and were paced by the following; a 1935 O Pee Chee Series C #90 Buzz Boll PSA 8 sold for $1,540.00, while a 1951 Parkhurst #25 Hal Loycoe sold for $2,480.00, as well 1954 Topps Hockey cards performed to extraordinary level led by the following, a #55 Larry Popein PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $1,693.00, while a #53 Don Raleigh PSA 9 MINT sold for a stunning $9,650.00, as well a 1954 Topps #60 Milt Schmidt PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $5,447.00, and a 1959 Parkhurst #39 Henri Richard PSA 9 closed at $1,736.00.

More Prized Pasteboard Realizations

Amongst all of the exceptionally high priced cards the following cards performed to equally astounding realizations; 1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folder Gray/Groom PSA 7 NM sold for $2310.00, 1933 Goudey's performed to reasonable levels led by the following, #21 Phil Collins PSA 8 NM/MT $1,796.00, #22 Pie Traynor PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $3,352.00, a #30 Frank Hogan PSA 8 NM/MT sold for 42,390.00, while a #160 Lou Gehrig PSA 7 NM sold for $6,084.00, and a 1933 Goudey #100 George Uhle PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $2,795.00, and a 1936 Diamond Stars #97 Al Lopez PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $2,454.00, as well a 1939 Play Ball #26 Joe Di Maggio PSA sold for $3,687.00, and a 1940 Play Ball #157 Louis Chiozza sold for $2,795.00, while a 1948 Leaf #120 George Kell PSA 8 NM/MT sold for a jaw dropping $15,781.00, not nearly to be outdone was the astounding result of a 1948 Leaf #93 Bob Feller PSA 7 NM which fetched an unheard of $18,605.00, the MHCC auction featured a nice list of the exceptionally difficult short prints from the '48 Leaf issue that performed to outstanding results headlined by the following, a 1948 Leaf #163 Freddy Hutchinson PSA 8 sold for $13,788.00, while a 1948 Leaf #19 John Wyrostek PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $15,008.00, and a 1948 Leaf #81 George Kurowski PSA 7 NM sold for $5,457.00, as well a 1949 Bowman #173 Ken Raffensberger PSA 9 MINT sold for $7,250.00, while a 1950 Bowman #22 Jackie Robinson PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $4,056.00, as well a 1951 Bowman #232 Nelson Fox PSA 9 MINT performed well selling for $2,944.00, a 1952 bowman #1 Yogi Berra outpaced recent sales by selling for $3,687.00, while a 1952 Bowman #218 Willie Mays PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $4,571.00, as well a 1952 Red man #16 Stan Musial PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $3,681.00, and a 1952 Topps #44 Con Dempsy PSA 8 NM/MT performed well finishing at $1,863.00, and a 1952 Topps #211 ray Coleman PSA 9 MINT closed at $4,620.00, equally impressive were the following results; a 1954 Bowman #19 Bobby Shantz PSA 10 GEM MINT sold for $1,185.00, and a 1954 Bowman #84 Larry Doby PSA 9 MINT sold for $2,104.00, as well a 1955 Topps 33 Art Fowler PSA 9 MINT sold for $4,832.00, and a 1957 Topps 3110 Bill Virdon PSA 9 MINT closed at $1,400.00, and a 1957 Topps #49 Daryl Spencer PSA sold for $1,863.00, and a 1957 Topps #95 Mickey Mantle PSA 9 MINT closed at $8,311.00, performing to an astronomical level a 1958 Bell Brand Sandy Koufax PSA 8 NM/MT sold for 49,319.00, and a 1958 Hires Root Beer #44 Hank Aaron with Tab PSA 8 NM/MT sold for $4,311.00, as well a 1960 Topps #200 Willie Mays PSA 9 MINT sold for $3,042.00, a 1961 Topps #260 Don Drysdale PSA 10 GEM MINT closed at $3,471.00, wile a 1962 Topps #10 Roberto Clemente PSA 9 MINT sold for $4,908.00, and a 1964 Topps Stand Up Bill Mazeroski finished at an unheard of $6,432.00, also performing to exceptional levels were the following cards, a 1968 O pee Chee 31 NL Batting leaders (Clemente) PSA 10 GEM MINT sold for a whopping $4,393.00, and a 1914 Texas Tommy (Type 1) Walter Johnson PSA 1 saw considerable action before closing at a strong $8,471.00.

Memorabilia Highlights

It wasn't just cards and complete sets that set the pace in the recently concluded Mile High card Company auction as select pieces of memorabilia performed to exceptional levels, here is a sampling of some of the highlights; A nice 1931 New York Yankees autographed ball PSA/DNA sold for $7,362.00, while a lower grade signed Babe Ruth ball PSA/DNA found a new owner at $3,047.00, moving on a Babe Ruth autographed "snapshot" graded 8 NM/MT by PSA/DNA sold for $3,592.00, and a single signed Roberto Clemente ball sold for 44,454.00, as well an 1899 M101-1 Sporting News Supplement of Cy Young was sold for $1,704.00, and a 1961-63 Bobbin head of Roberto Clemente fetched $2,285.00, a 1973 ticket stub to Nolan Ryan's first no hitter graded authentic by PSA/DNA garnered $1,540.00.

Mile High Card Co. has distinguished itself amongst the hobby elite most specifically in the area of rare and high-grade sportscards and select pieces of memorabilia. MHCC provides hobby enthusiasts with avenues not generally seen in many of the larger auction conglomerates such as the ability purchase any collection in addition to the traditional consignment approach. You can find a multitude of services offered by MHCC including auction assistance, such as registration or consignments, wantlists services, as well as our online e-store with secure online ability to purchase.

MHCC is planning a late May/ early June catalog auction as well as an online only auction in April as a follow up to this tremendously successful auction and is currently accepting consignments. To consign your hobby treasures to one of our upcoming auctions or to register for upcoming auctions and receive a free catalog in the future please, visit www.milehighcardco.com or call Mile High Card Co. directly at (303) 840-2784 (8:00-5:00 MST M-F).