Eight of the country's top vintage sports dealers are just weeks away from earning the title of Vintage Dealer of the Year and the $10,000 grand prize in the $14,500 NAXCOM.COM Vintage Invitational 2 presented by PSA. The unique competition has hobby dealers competing head-to-head each week to see who can sell the most Vintage sports items on NAXCOM.com. As a result, they are cutting their prices to make a sale and Vintage buyers are getting unbelievable deals!

The final eight hobby dealers in the competition and the match-ups are as follows: Sports Images & Collectibles vs. Dwain Hensley; Kyle's Sportscards vs. Michael Ho; McAvoy Sportcards vs. BMW Sportscards; and defending champion Memory Lane vs. Tony Leckey.

"The first Vintage Invitational contest helped create awareness of NAXCOM as another option for buying or selling Vintage" noted Eric Beckerman, CEO of NAXCOM.com. "But this second contest has really helped solidify NAXCOM's reputation as the place to go for great Vintage deals." With these Vintage dealers competing for $10,000, they are offering great Vintage items at ridiculously low prices so Vintage buyers are the real winners." "And it's only going to get better as we approach the finals in February." Here are a few of the great deals that Vintage buyers have gotten during this contest so far:

1963 Topps #540 Roberto Clemente - Pittsburgh Pirates PSA8 - $300.00

1963 Topps #210 Sandy Koufax - Dodgers PSA8 - $375.00

1959 Topps #10 Mickey Mantle - New York Yankees PSA8 - $1,500.00

Vintage items, as defined by NAXCOM, are anything pre-1980 (cards, publications, autographs, equipment, figurines, etc.), has a large and growing audience among the nation's sports collectors. As the population ages and baby boomers acquire more wealth, their favorites, like Mays, Aaron, Nicklaus, Koufax, Namath, Unitas and Orr have joined legends Ruth, Mantle, Russell and Howe in an ever-expanding vintage marketplace.

The NAXCOM marketplace offers over 100,000 registered users and a huge selection of over 5 Million User Listings of Sports Cards, Collectibles & Memorabilia. Plus, NAXCOM has had nearly 1 Million items sold and every transaction has been safe and secure because of the exclusive NAXCOM Buyer Protection Guarantee. For more information go to www.NAXCOM.com "The Marketplace Where The Pros Go!

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