Leading Provider of Third-Party Collectibles Verification Technology to Help Ensure Authenticity of Magic: The Gathering Cards

(Newport Beach, CA) – PSA/DNA, a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT) and a leading provider of value-added authentication and grading services to dealers and collectors of high-value collectibles, today announced an alliance with Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) and maker of the iconic MAGIC: THE GATHERING Trading Card Game (TCG).

“Integrity of product is crucial to ensuring the vitality of MAGIC: THE GATHERING,” said Joe Hauck, Vice-President of Marketing for Wizards of the Coast. “By allying with PSA/DNA, we hope to alleviate any fear that the current or out of print card that you are trading for is counterfeit. We believe that this process will provide an added level of service and value to the community of fans of the world’s first and most popular trading card game.”

Beginning this fall, MAGIC players will be able to help protect their collection by employing PSA/DNA’s unique verification technology. After certification by PSA/DNA authenticators, MAGIC cards will be tagged by PSA/DNA with a synthetic DNA strand that can be seen only when illuminated by a specific laser frequency. The cards then will be inserted into a holder specially designed for this project by UltraPRO with a tamper-evident PSA/DNA seal, helping to mitigate the risk of fraud or forgery. The technology will first be available for MAGIC fans at the MAGIC Pro Tour Los Angeles, October 28 – 30, 2005.

“It is an extremely effective way to combat potential fakes because the DNA ink has an astronomical 1-in-33 trillion chance of being accurately reproduced by counterfeiters,” said Joe Orlando, President of PSA/DNA.

“Today’s tournaments are a big part of the excitement of collecting MAGIC cards. We are truly excited about being part of the ground-breaking process that ensures a level playing field and eliminates counterfeit products from entering the market and tournament arenas,” Orlando said.

SMI Games of California was instrumental in bringing all parties together for this authentication breakthrough, and Mike Berkus of SMI Games will coordinate the project.

For more information on Collectors Universe and PSA/DNA authentication services, visit psadna.com. For more information on Wizards of the Coast, visit wizards.com.

About Collectors Universe and PSA/DNA

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About Wizards of the Coast

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