Lot 122. Red Man Tobacco 1953-55 Card Group.
Among the most splendidly designed categories of the 1950's were Red Man Tobacco's baseball issues of 1952 through '55. Here presented is an expansive collection from those productions. All of those retain their tabs, but the central feature throughout is the uttlerly fresh bearing of these cards. Infrequently, we find isolated superficial creases - induced, we surmise, from their original packaging. That confessed, we must emphasize that these are basically unhandled - outstanding corners and sparkling gloss. We've submitted a few of these to PSA for professional grading (24, in all) and typically, they insulted most of them with their unforgiving scrutiny. (As an aside, they mis-identified a couple of them; they can grade cards, but they're not quite sure what they are.) In any event, there are 117 total here which includes 21 duplicates. The representation is biased toward 1954 and '55, with seven cards from the '53 issue. And though none of these years is complete, this collection is guaranteed to strengthen the foremost of hobby holdings. In detail, there are included here: 1952: Near Mint/better - #'s 1N Durocher, 3A Berra (PSA NM-MT 8), 3N, 11A, 12A, 15A, 19N Schoendienst, 23A Williams (PSA NM 7) and 26N. EX/MT - #'s 2N Ashburn (PSA EX-MT 6), 6N, 7A, 8A Feller, 8N, 10A, 10N, 16N Musial (PSA EX-MT 6), 20A and 22N Spahn (PSA EX-MT 6). EX - #'s 5N, 7N (PSA EX 5), 9A Fox (PSA EX 5), 16A and 17N Reese (PSA EX 5). VG/EX - #'s 1A Stengel, 15N Mays (PSA VG-EX 4, mis-identified), 24N and 25A. VG - #'s 4N and 18A. 1953: Near Mint - #11N Roberts. EX/MT - #'s 4N and 22A. EX - #'s 8A Kell, 8N and 16N. VG/EX - #24A. 1954: Near Mint/better - #'s 1N Ashburn (two cards, both NM), 2N, 3A Fox (two cards, both NM), 5N Irvin (PSA NM-MT 8), 6N, 8A (two cards, both NM), 8N, 9A Philley (two cards, NM and PSA NM 7, both "Cleve."), 9N, 10A, 11A, 11N Spahn (PSA NM 7), 12N, 15N Reese (PSA NM 7), 17N, 18N Roberts, 23A (two cards, both NM) and 25A. EX/MT - #'s 1A, 16A Ford (PSA EX-MT 6), 18A, 18N Roberts, 19A, 20N, 24N and 25N Mays (PSA EX-MT 6, misidentified). EX - #'s 2N, 4A Kell (Chi.), 16N Snider (PSA EX 5), 19A, 20N, 22A, and 23N Mathews (two cards, EX and PSA EX 5). VG/EX - #'s 1A and 2A. VG - #10N Schoendienst. 1955: Near Mint/better - #'s 1A, 2N, 4N, 5N (two cards, NM and PSA MINT 9), 6A, 8N, 9A (two cards, both NM), 9N, 10A, 11A, 13N (two cards, both NM), 14N, 17A (PSA MINT 9), 19N Snider (PSA NM 7), 20N (PSA NM-MT 8), 21A, 22N, 24A and 25A (PSA NM-MT 8). EX/MT - #'s 1A, 2A, 4A Fox, 5N, 8N, 19N Snider, 22N, 25A and 25N. EX - #'s 1N Ashburn, 7N Mays (PSA EX 5, mis-identified), 8A Lemon, 12N Wilhelm and 14A Wynn. VG/EX - #19N Snider (PSA VG-EX 4). VG - #23A.

  • The Dominique Wilkins Basketball Collection.
  • 1966 Willie Stargell Game-Worn Jersey.
  • Jerry Rice and Joe Montana Game Used Football Helmets.
  • Roger Maris Signed Game Model Bat (PSA GEM MINT 10).
  • Dozens of PSA GRADED Baseballs and autographs.
  • Jackie Robinson's First New York (Brooklyn) Wire Photo.
  • Gaylord Perry's Complete Rookie Uniform.
  • Game-Worn Football Jerseys from Bret Favre.
  • L.C. Greenwood. Steve Largent. Tedy Bruschi.
  • Steve Young. Daunte Culpepper. and Earl Campbell.

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