LOS ANGELES, CA. - Two of the country's top vintage sports memorabilia dealers are less than one week away from earning the title of Vintage Memorabilia Dealer of the Year and the $10,000 grand prize in the $14,500 NAXCOM.COM Vintage Invitational presented by PSA. The unique competition pits hobby dealers head-to-head each week to see who can sell the most vintage sports memorabilia at NAXCOM.COM.

The Final Two hobby dealers in the competition and the Finals match-up is: McAvoy Sports Cards (Omaha, NE) vs. Memory Lane (Tustin, CA).

The national competition for 32 sports memorabilia dealers is structured as a weekly single-elimination tournament with two pairs of dealers going head-to-head for the right to advance in the tournament. At the end of the four month competition (Feb 6), one dealer will emerge as the Vintage Memorabilia Dealer of the Year and the winner of the $10,000 first prize.

"Now is an unusually exciting time in the vintage memorabilia industry," explains Eric Beckerman, CEO of NAXCOM.COM. "As today's sports superstars break records at an alarming pace, sports fans and collectors are drawn to collect vintage memorabilia of the greats of yesteryear. This phenomenon has created a surge of interest and escalating values for vintage memorabilia."

Vintage memorabilia, defined as anything pre-1980 (cards, publications, autographs, equipment, figurines, etc.), has a large and growing audience among the nation's sports collecting community. As the population ages and baby boomers acquire more wealth, their favorites, like Mays, Aaron, Nicklaus, Koufax, Namath, Unitas and Orr have joined legends Ruth, Mantle, Russell and Howe in an ever-expanding vintage memorabilia marketplace.

The NAXCOM.COM Vintage Invitational leverages the renewed interest in the memorabilia of yesterday's sports legends. While dealers rack up sales, it will be collectors that truly benefit as hundreds of items each week will be "priced to move" by the competing dealers looking to advance to the next round.

Unlike online sports memorabilia auctions that let sellers post a starting price and buyers escalate the price, NAXCOM is modeled after the stock market boasting narrow bid/ask spreads resulting in true market prices. This format gives consumers the confidence in the purchase price. NAXCOM also secures the payment process by securing buyer's funds in a holding account until their item is received and approved. With no monthly, membership or listing fees, NAXCOM has been able to attract over 80,000 registered users and over three million listings (10x more than eBay).