The NAXCOM Vintage Invitational will match the top 32 vintage dealers in the country to compete for the title of Vintage Dealer of the Year and a cash prize of $10,000. Second place finishers will receive $2,500, Third place $500 and Fourth Place $500.

Two (2) Vintage dealers will compete each week with the dealer that has the highest gross dollars in sales proceeding on to the next round. This continues each week with one dealer eliminated each week until there is only one dealer left. That dealer will be crowned Vintage Dealer of the Year!

Vintage Buyers:
This contest means that the TOP VINTAGE DEALERS in the country will be listing their best Vintage items at their best prices, giving you an incredible opportunity to pick up Vintage items at great prices. In addition, the top vintage buyer throughout this contest will be rewarded with a $1000 grand prize.

For complete Vintage Invitational details please click here.