Under the combined Autograph/Card Grading service on the PSA submission form, please note that PSA will encapsulate signed items such as 3x5's (index cards), postcards, cuts and checks (the smaller sized ones) if, of course, these items will fit into the current selection of holders. The signed items will not be graded but they will be authenticated with a PSA/DNA serial number placed on the PSA label. Collectors may choose this service if they feel the PSA holder will add to the presentation of the piece or if they feel the PSA holder can help protect the signed item over time. Please call if you have questions about this service.

PSA will also grade a variety of pins/coins as long as the items will fit into one of our current holders. The thickness and diameter are key factors for the pins and coins in regards to encapsulation. Below is a list of the pins/coins PSA currently grades. For more information please call customer service at (800) 325-1121.

1962 Salada-Junket coins
1962 Shirriff coins
1963 Salada-Junket All-Star coins
1964 Topps coins
1965 Old London coins
1971 Topps coins
1987 Topps coins
1988 Topps coins
1989 Topps coins
1990 Topps coins
1910-12 Sweet Caporal pins (P2)
1932 Orbit Gum pins
1956 Yellow Basepath pins (PM15)
1961 Crane Team pins
1965 Crane Team pins

1960 Shirriff coins
1961 Salada coins
1961 Shirriff coins
1962 Shirriff coins
1968 Shirriff coins

1896 American Pepsin Jockey pins
1956 Kellogg's Pep Cereal pins