LOS ANGELES/EWORLDWIRE -- NAXCOM.com, an internet-based sports memorabilia and collectibles exchange -- also one of the country's largest collectibles show promoters -- will list for sale a rare Babe Ruth-Ty Cobb Signature Card that a very surprised collector recently found randomly inserted within his pack of 2004 Playoff baseball cards.

The double-sided card features authentic autographs and a swatch of material from the actual uniforms of each baseball legend. The only one of these cards in existence, the seller has chosen to put the item on the market, listing it for $50,000 on NAXCOM (www.naxcom.com).

A Mel Ott-Lou Gehrig dual autographed card is valued at $16,000, a Babe Ruth-Lou Gehrig card recently sold for $20,000, while a Honus Wagner tobacco card fetched a staggering $1.5 million.

"This type of card is exactly why we launched NAXCOM," said Eric Beckerman, CEO of NAXCOM. "The seller has posted his asking price, now buyers can choose to buy it at his price or make him an offer."

"If the seller does not receive his $50,000 asking price, he will wait until early February to accept the best offer," added Beckerman.

Unlike many of the other sites out there, a buyer on NAXCOM pays through a holding account. The seller only receives the buyer's funds once they have received and approved of the item.

"Buyers are often very comfortable with shelling out big dollars on NAXCOM, because of the web site's unique buyer protection guarantee," said Beckerman.

With the NAXCOM Buyer Protection Guarantee, the seller will get a higher price on NAXCOM than if he were to list it on a site where buyers do not receive full protection.

Collectors and baseball historians are urged to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind item because it will only be on the market for a limited amount of time. Visit www.NAXCOM.com for details.