(Newport Beach, CA) - PSA, the world's largest third-party authentication and grading service for sports autographs and collectibles, is expanding the services of its PSA/DNA division to include authentication of historical and entertainment autographs.

"We've assembled the dream team of authenticators to offer collectors and dealers unparalleled expertise in the examination and certification of signatures of famous Hollywood and historical persons, from magician Harry Houdini to President Abraham Lincoln," said Joe Orlando, PSA President.

"The FBI has warned consumers before about the danger in buying un-certified sports autographs but they feel, as many hobby experts do, that forgeries are likely to be even more prevalent in the non-sports autograph business. That conclusion may or may not come as a shock to some people but, at PSA we felt that major entrance into non-sports autograph authentication was a natural progression in the expansion of our services."

The three latest authenticators to join the team are historical and entertainment autograph experts Bob Eaton, Founder of R & R Enterprises; John Reznikoff, President of University Archives; and entertainment and space program expert Bill Miller, President of Odyssey Auctions and Odyssey Publications.

They now join the respected PSA autograph experts James Spence, Steve Grad and Zach Rullo, who are well known for their extensive authentication work in sports and entertainment collectibles.

Bob Eaton founded R & R Enterprises in 1976, and today is one of the country's foremost autograph authenticators. He has issued more than 270 monthly catalogs and will assist PSA in the authentication of vintage Hollywood signatures, such as Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Judy Garland, Jean Harlow, Walt Disney and Charlie Chaplin, among others.

John Reznikoff founded University Archives 25 years ago and is a well-known authority frequently appearing in national print and television media. He was the key witness for the U.S. Justice Department in the authentication and valuation of former President Richard Nixon's White House papers, one of his many accomplishments as a respected expert witness who has prevailed in every case in which he's been involved. Reznikoff founded the Professional Autograph Dealers Association and served as President of the International Autograph Dealers Association, the two leading dealer organizations in this field.

Bill Miller is a nationally recognized authority on autographs and memorabilia, and frequently quoted by the news media. He is the official appraiser to Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame, and his handwriting studies of such personalities as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe are industry standards. Miller is the publisher of Autograph Collector Magazine.

PSA has become the leading provider of 3rd party autograph authentication and they are the preferred choice for the most prominent auction houses and dealers in the industry including MastroNet, Superior, Grey Flannel, ESPN/Disney, SportsCards Plus, Hunt Auctions and many more.

For additional information on autograph authentication, contact PSA, PO Box 6180, Newport Beach, CA 92658. Phone: (800) 325-1121 or (949) 833-8824. Fax: (949) 833-7955. E-mail: [email protected].