The Barry Bonds #73 Home Run Ball Auction
The Sports Auction of the Year
A Million Dollar Item???

What: A one-item auction; the auction of the 73th home run ball hit by Barry Bonds on October 7, 2001, in San Francisco's Pacific Bell Park. The single-season home run record is considered the "glamour record" in all of sports.

The ball will be on display at ESPN Zone Restaurant beginning at noon Wednesday.

Who:, the New York-based auction house, is handling the auction of the ball. The ball was first caught by Alex Popov, (pronounced po-POVE), but after a "scrum" in the stands, wound up with Patrick Hayashi. The two feuded in court, until the judge ruled the ball be sold and the money divided. They have now come together to make that possible.

A special guest at the auction: Sal Durante, who caught Roger Maris's 61st home run in 1961, and received $5,000 for it from a restaurateur.

When: Wednesday, June 25, 6 PM. TV crews are advised to arrive early.

Where: ESPN Zone, NE corner of 42nd Street & Broadway in Times Square.

Please observe: The auction will be televised LIVE on ESPN's SportsCenter and will begin promptly. No live coverage by anyone other than ESPN is permitted, but taped coverage for use on newscasts is fine. Some bidders will be present, but not necessarily the winning bidder, as some people will be bidding by phone. All parties are available for interviews, including Messrs. Popov, Hayashi, Durante and Josh Evans, President/Founder of MEDIA WILL BE ASKED TO SHOW PROPER IDENTIFICATION AT THE AUCTION, no guests allowed, space is limited. It is not necessary to call in advance to reserve a spot. The auction is expected to last no more than a few minutes.

Contact: Marty Appel Public Relations (914) 235-4017, Cellphone (914) 720-6364
For ESPN Zone restaurant (set up questions) Nina Roth, 212-921-3776.