Dear Collectors Club Members and Dealers,

To improve the services we offer you, PSA has made a few changes to our submission policy. Some of these changes may pertain to your future submissions so please take the time to read the following:

Listed below are changes that PSA will implement effective on April 15, 2003.


1) Crossover Service – After 12 years as the top sportscard grading service in the hobby, the demand for PSA graded cards has never been greater as they continue to realize the highest prices in the market. PSA has remained a constant and the standard. As a result, our customers have demanded that we examine cards graded by other services.

We are pleased to announce that for $10 per card (you are also welcome to use one of our premier services/faster turnaround time), PSA will review cards, graded by other grading services, for crossover. PSA graders will evaluate your card inside the current holder. If they deem that the card is worthy to cross over into the equivalent PSA grade or specified grade on the PSA submission form (for instance, you may choose to have the card crossed into a lower grade), then the card will be cracked out of the current holder and placed into a PSA holder.

In cases where cards will not cross into the equivalent PSA grade, the graders will assign a grade based on their analysis. That grade will be included in the return shipment. In addition, there may be cases where a card will receive a “No Grade” due to a variety of factors. This will usually occur where the card may appear to be altered in some fashion or where a grade cannot be determined through the current holder. Keep in mind that payment for this service is not dependant on whether the card successfully crosses.

As the standard in the grading industry, we feel that this service will provide a substantial benefit to the submitters. Remember that PSA will not crack the cards out of their current holders unless it is clearly authorized by the submitter. The demand for and response to this service has been overwhelming. Why settle for second best, find out if your cards make the grade – good luck!

2) Cards Valued at $1,000 or More – In order to ensure that your highly valued sportscards are given the treatment they deserve, PSA will now require that any card with a declared value of $1,000 or more be submitted at either the Express, Super Express, Show, Invitational or Walk Through services. Cards valued at this level must be submitted at one of the above services, otherwise, the cards will be returned to the customer ungraded.

3) Cards Valued at $10,000 or More – Cards with a declared value of $10,000 or more must be submitted by appointment only and can only be submitted under our Walk Through Service ($50 per card) whether the card is submitted for On-Site Grading at a show or at our corporate office. This will ensure that these highly valuable cards will be processed with the treatment and expediency that they deserve.

4) Vintage Commons Note – As a reminder, the Vintage Common bulk rate (100 or more vintage commons) is for non-star cards. Star cards would include players like Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays but it would also include any card that would sell for a noticeable premium above the basic common price for that issue. Star or premium cards must be submitted at the $10 Economy Service or higher depending on their declared value.


If you have trouble determining values for your submissions, Sports Market Report (SMR) is the best place to start as a resource for up-to-date market information. If, for some reason, the card or cards in question are not listed in SMR, we suggest you call our customer service team. They can assist you in finding other reference material.

Thanks for your continuing support of PSA. Keep in mind that if you have any questions about the above modifications in submission policy, please call our customer service toll-free at (800) 325-1121.


Joe Orlando
PSA President

Joe Orlando has been an advanced collector of sportscards and memorabilia for over 30 years. Orlando attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California where he studied communications and was the starting catcher for the baseball team. After a brief stint in the minor leagues, Orlando obtained a Juris Doctor from Whittier Law School in Southern California in the spring of 1999. During the last sixteen years, Orlando has authored several collecting guides and dozens of articles for Collectors Universe, Inc. Orlando has also authored two books for Collectors Universe. Orlando's first book, The Top 200 Sportscards in the Hobby, was released in the summer of 2002. His second book, Collecting Sports Legends, was released in the summer of 2008. Orlando has appeared on numerous radio and television programs as a hobby expert including ESPN's award-winning program Outside the Lines, HBO's Real Sports and the Fox Business Network, as the featured guest. Currently, Orlando is the President of PSA and PSA/DNA, the largest trading card and sports memorabilia authentication services in the hobby. He is also Editor of the company's nationally distributed Sports Market Report, which under Orlando's direction has developed into a leading resource in the market. Orlando also contributed the foreword and last chapter to The T206 Collection: The Players and Their Stories, a 2010 release, and to The Cracker Jack Collection: Baseball's Prized Players, a 2013 release. Recently, Orlando helped put together a new hobby book entitled The 100 Greatest Baseball Autographs, which was released in the summer of 2016.