Baseball will welcome two more expansion teams in to the fold beginning in April with the addition of Tampa Bay and Arizona. Chances are, these teams will fare little better than their other first-year brethren and losses will be a lot more common than victories.

So, let's test your knowledge about losing in major league baseball history and feel free to check the back of some of those vintage baseball cards -- the ones that used to include little- known facts about the National Pastime -- for help.

1. Most people know the first-year New York Mets lost 120 games back in 1962. But what American League franchise holds the dubious distinction of most losses in a single season with 117 back in 1916 (Answer, the Athletics, then in Philadelphia)

2. Losing 100 games in a season is a distinct possibility for an expansion team, but what major league franchise holds the record for losing 100 or more games five straight seasons between 1938 and 1942 (Answer: the Philadelphia Phillies, a non-expansion team).

3. Doubleheaders are a rarity these days in Major League baseball, but in 1950, one National League team known for its lack of winning dropped 19 twin-bills in one season. Name the team (Answer: Chicago Cubs.)

4. Since 1900, one franchise known more for winning and historic streaks started the season with 21 straight losses before winning a game. The year was 1988. Name the team (Answer: Baltimore Orioles).

5. One team can dominate another over a given season. The Baltimore Orioles in 1969 -- an expansion year -- handled an expansion team 23 straight times including part of the 1970 season. Name the expansion team. (Answer: Kansas City Royals)>

6. Both Tampa and Arizona aren't likely to be eliminated from the division races in early August like this one American league team was in 1939 when they wound up 64 and one- half games out of first. Name the team that won only one pennant in its history before moving in the early 1950s. (Answer: The St. Louis Browns)

7. Most collectors and fans know that Cy Young is the all-time winningest pitcher in Major League history. But what pitcher holds the record for most losses in a career, with 313. (Answer: Cy Young)

8. This New York Mets pitcher had the dubious distinction of losing 27 straight games from May, 1992, through July, 1993. Name this unlucky righthander (Answer: Anthony Young)

9. Leading the league in number of losses usually spells career trouble for a pitcher but not for this Hall-of-Fame knuckleballer who led the National League in defeats between 1977 and 1980. Name this pitcher (Answer: Phil Niekro)

10. Eventually even most expansion teams reach the World Series, witness the Florida Marlins last year. What franchise holds the record for most World Series lost with an even dozen (the Dodgers, first in Brooklyn, then Los Angeles).