MT. LAUREL, N.J.-- OCT. 6, 2000 -- Last year the hobby witnessed the launch and huge success of the Fleer Mystique brand, introducing collectors to a unique opaque covering on cards. Returning for a second season 2000 Mystique Football brings back everything collectors loved about the brand and adds a few new twists.

The covered card concept has become a staple in Mystique and this year is no different. Rookies, parallels and insert cards will all be covered, with rookies sequentially numbered to 2000. The opaque covering on all these cards is tamper-proof and card-safe.

One of the main attractions of Mystique will no doubt be the debut of Pendemonium. When a collector pulls a Pendemonium redemption card that person will receive an autographed card of the player pulled, along with the pen used to sign the card. Both the card and the pen will be contained in a lucite holder. The set includes 89 different NFL players.

Another highlight of Mystique Football is Feel the Game, which is packed with game-worn memorabilia from some of the hottest players in the game today - Tim Couch, Kurt Warner, Deion Sanders and Emmitt Smith are just a handful of superstars included in the collection.

Autographics, the hobby's longest running and most successful autographed card program continues in Mystique. The program is divided into three tiers -- including gold (numbered to 50) and silver (numbered to 250) versions of each card. Some of the 65+ players you will find are Terrell Davis, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner and Edgerrin James.

What 2000 Fleer football set is complete without Season Pass, Fleer's new and exciting redemption program for collectors. This redemption card entitles collectors to receive every card that Fleer produces of Kurt Warner, Ricky Williams, Cade McNown, Thomas Jones, Jamal Lewis or Steve McNair.

The basic-card set of 2000 Mystique Football contains 145-cards with 100 veterans and 45 rookies (numbered to 2000). Parallel sets included are 145 Gold (1:20) and 145 Masterpieces (numbered to one). Gold parallels have a unique gold foil stamp and Masterpieces contain a special purple foil stamp.

Mystique is also jam-packed with cutting-edge inserts such as Numbers Game, Canton Calling, Destination: Tampa, Big Buzz and Running Men. 2000 Fleer Mystique football is set to release on October 18 and carries on SRP of $4.99 (5-card pack). The complete set includes:

2000 Fleer Mystique Football
145 Basic-Card Set
100 Veteran Cards
45 Rookies (numbered to 2000)

Parallel Sets
20 Running Men (1:5) - The best running backs in the NFL - Edgerrin James, Marshall Faulk and Terrell Davis are just a few.

10 Big Buzz (1:10) - This year's rookie crop is sure to create a "big buzz" among collectors. Ron Dayne, Shaun Alexander and Chad Pennington are a few sure to be making the most noise.

10 Destination: Tampa (1:10)- These ten studs are the players who can lead their team to Tampa, Florida, site of Super Bowl XXXV - Kurt Warner, Eddie George and Peyton Manning are all included.

10 Canton Calling (1:20) - This star-studded line-up may have what it takes to one day be enshrined in the Hall of Fame - Dan Marino, Troy Aikman and Randy Moss are all contenders.

10 Numbers Game (1:40) - When it comes to numbers and statistics players such as Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning, and Marshall Faulk make them count.

65+ Autographics (1:40) - The hottest and longest running autograph program in the hobby continues with Terrell Davis, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner and Edgerrin James.

15+ Feel the Game (1:120) - Fleer brings a piece of your favorite player right into your home with Tim Couch, Kurt Warner, Deion Sanders and Emmitt Smith.

89 Pendemonium - Here is the chance to capture a redemption that is totally new and exciting. You not only get an autographed card, but also the pen the player used to sign the cards. The autographed card and pen are both contained in a lucite holder.

Season Pass - Own every card that Fleer produces through this exciting redemption program. The six players included are Kurt Warner, Ricky Williams, Cade McNown, Thomas Jones, Jamal Lewis and Steve McNair.