MT. LAUREL, N.J. - The Tradition Update boxed set returns for its third season packing an extra-special bonus. Inserted into random boxes will be an exclusive "Mantle Pieces" card, featuring a piece of a game-worn uniform from Mickey Mantle. The card features a portrait of a youthful Mantle, along with an action shot of him, and is framed by the famed Yankee Stadium facade.

"Fleer Tradition Baseball was the unexpected grand slam hit of the season," said Fleer spokesman Joshua Perlman. "The inclusion of a Mickey Mantle uniform card in the update set is a perfect addition to the traditional feel of the set. Fleer is proud to offer this rare Mantle card and will continue to produce unique products such as this in the future."

The "Mantle Pieces" insert only enhances what already is a magnificent collection of rookies and traded players. The set features 150 cards, including 74 rookie cards plus numerous traded players such as Ken Griffey Jr., Jim Edmonds and Curt Schilling.

Also included in Update are 10 Season Highlight cards, which capture some of the greatest moments from the 2000 MLB season - Ken Griffey's 400th homerun, Cal Ripken's 3,000th hit and Randy Johnson's 3,000th strikeout are a few of the moments frozen in time for the set.

The Tradition will continue on October 25 when 2000 Update hits the shelves. The complete set includes:

2000 Tradition Baseball Update
150 Basic-Card Set
140 Regular Cards
10 Season Highlights

Mantle Pieces (1:80) - This card, which is exclusive to Tradition Update, features a swatch of a uniform worn by legendary Yankees centerfielder Mickey Mantle.