Collectors Universe and MetaExchange are proud to announce the launch this week of cobranded sites with two of the Collectors Universe grading services, the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). Customers on the MetaExchange site will find links to the cobranded grading sites on the Sports Card and the U.S. Coin trading floors.

“Partnerships of this type are a natural evolution,” said BJ Searls, Website Director for Collectors Universe. “Commerce sites such as MetaExchange, which feature thousands of coins and cards, assist the community by offering resources such as certification and grading services. It’s a great way to give the collector options that he might find useful to advancing his hobby.”

MetaExchange, a privately held California corporation, is the Internet’s first real-time, transparent bid-ask exchange for small business commodity markets. Founded in December 1998, MetaExchange has facilitated over ten million dollars worth of transactions in the past 12 months on its website. MetaExchange currently trades over 10,000 different products.

MetaExchange offers a unique alternative to the typical auction or retail website. Instead of placing a bid on an item, the member enters an order to buy or sell something. He can choose to take the "market price" (the price currently being displayed) or he can list his own price. The MetaExchange computers continually match those buy and sell orders based upon price, payment preferences (VISA, money order, etc.), and shipping preferences (US Postal Service, UPS, etc.) After a match is made, the buyer sends the money and the seller ships the item purchased. MetaExchange has a “practice” trading floor to get new members started and offers excellent customer support.

To learn more about MetaExchange, visit their website at or email