The package arrives.

Hands sweating, you carefully open it up and pull out a small box. You take a deep breath and make a wish as your shaking hands carefully open each wax pack as if they contained diamonds.

As you sort through each card expectantly, you remind yourself, maybe this one has it.

And then you see it, perfect in every way: a 1986 Michael Jordan rookie card. You gasp despite yourself.

It's yours.

After staring at your personal holy grail, you put it away safely and check that invoice again.

Yep, you now own the same card that is listed at $26,500 in this month's Sports Market Report (SMR). What you paid for this box of 1986 Fleer Basketball cards, was definitely worth it. Especially since there are several other cards in your newly acquired collection are also listed in the SMR.

It Could Be You

This could be you if you're the high bidder in the Collectors Universe Sporstcard auction beginning March 20th-27th, 2000. The auction, featuring unopened wax packs and boxes, PSA graded cards, uncut sheets as well as complete sets, is the largest ever assembled on the Internet. Bidding begins at 7 p.m. PST

Collectors who want to bid on the multitude of exciting lots should check the Collectors Universe home page where a direct link to the sportscard auction will appear.

If you would like to see some of the premiere lots for this auction today, go to Greatest Sportscard Auction Preview.

If you have not already become a Collectors Club member, register to bid now, by clicking on I Want to Bid.