The PSA/DNA experts will be arriving next week to evaluate autograph submissions once again. So far, the experts have handled some of the hobby’s most exquisite signed pieces. A single signed Babe Ruth baseball, which they certified, brought $55,600 at the Mastro Millennium auction in the fall of 1999. This winning bid broke all previous price records for Ruth signed baseballs and is just one example of the importance of PSA/DNA authentication.

Approximately once a month, the experts are flown in from around the country to evaluate autographed items. The team consists of James Spence, Ron Gordon, Jim Stinson and Richard Simon. All four experts are highly regarded within the industry and, along with the help of cutting-edge technology; each one has helped in making PSA/DNA the fastest growing authentication service in the hobby. In fact, the NFL has recently summoned the services of PSA/DNA to authenticate each game ball, with the invisible DNA tag, from the illustrious event.

PSA/DNA will be accepting submissions through Tuesday the 2nd. Don’t worry, if you can’t get your prized autographed item in on time for this session, the authenticators will be back soon for their monthly session. Look for an extremely important announcement from PSA/DNA next week as the team has decided to expand their services. This expansion involves a very important sports figure so you will want to tune in for this one.