October '94 SMR Article

Pricing on PSA Cards

Prices continue to be very active on PSA cards, especially in grades 7 and 8. There have been several auctions lately that predominately feature PSA cards. While the prices realized on most 7 and 8 cards are fairly predictable, cards graded 9 and 10 are bringing some incredible numbers.

Many collectors are demanding their "key" cards be PSA graded and several advanced collectors are also seeking "common" cards for their sets to be graded by PSA. These "common" cards are turning out to be much tougher finds than the "key" cards in many instances. Bids of 2 to 5 times market price are not uncommon for these cards in 8 and 9 grades. Upcoming issues of the PSA population report should shed some light on what the truly rare cards in top condition actually are.

Several PSA dealers have noticed an influx of calls regarding football cards lately. Most dealers lack any significant inventory of high grade football cards. Many collectors feel that football stars are undervalued compared to their baseball playing partners. Others feel that they are not only undervalued but also much scarcer. It is hard to argue either of these points. When is the last time that you have seen a nice selection of 48 through 53 Bowman football stars and commons for sale? Also several major dealers are making significant efforts at buying football sets and singles in their buy ads in various publications.

The following is a list of prices realized for several cards that have been sold recently, both in private sales and at auction:


1914   Cracker Jack Ty Cobb        PSA 8 NM-MT          $25,000
1933   Goudey Nap Lajoie           PSA 9 MINT           $85,000
1933   Goudey Lou Gehrig           PSA 9 MINT           $7,500
1952   Bowman Mickey Mantle        PSA 8 NM-MT          $3,200
1965   Topps Steve Carlton         PSA 10 GEM MINT      $800
1973   Topps Mike Schmidt          PSA 9 MINT           $1,000
1979   Topps Ozzie Smith           PSA 9                $150
1982   Topps Traded Cal Ripken     PSA 10 GEM MINT      $750
1989   Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr.  PSA 10 GEM MT        $150
1990   Leaf Frank Thomas           PSA 10 GEM MT        $150

The sale of the 1933 Goudey Lajoie in PSA 9 was a wholesale transaction from dealer to dealer. It is believed that the card was already sold to a retail customer (obviously at a higher level) at the time of the deal. We will try and report the retail price in a future issue.

Two new sets have been added to this issue of SMR: the 1933 Goudey Sports Kings and 1938 Goudey "Heads Up". Both of these are very popular issues. SMR is the only publication to offer up-to-date prices on these two issues.