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John Taube

John Taube

Professional Glove Authenticator

John Taube's allure and appreciation of game used bats lead him to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to feed his collecting habit. After twenty years, his expertise on physical attributes of game use and bat dating have pinned him as one of the world's leading experts. His most memorable authentication is a side written Babe Ruth game used bat with 11 home run notches. As any other bat, this one in particular had some history behind it. It was used by Ruth in the late '20s, cracked, and then returned to Hillerich & Bradsby! Ultimately, Taube's part time hobby became a full time interest in March 2002. Taube, in conjunction with Vince Malta, is leading the way to standardizing bat authentication in the sports collectibles industry. Together, they have an ongoing commitment to expand the existing knowledge of game used bats.

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