PSA Services

Card Grading & Authentication

PSA provides expert analysis and protection for your collectibles. Using state-of-the-art, proprietary methods, the hobby's most astute and knowledgeable grading experts render carefully considered, unbiased third-party opinions of grade. Every card or collectible graded by PSA uses the PSA 10-point grading scale, which has been accepted and supported industry-wide since 1991. This tested standard ensures a level of consistency that is unsurpassed in the hobby.

PSA Crossover Service: PSA accepts crossover submissions on cards that have previously been graded by other services. By crossing over to PSA grading, you know you've done everything possible to maximize the value of your collection. To take advantage of this service, log on to our website, click on "Submission Center" then "Print Submission Form" and select the Crossover option. State the minimum PSA grade you will accept, and send your card to PSA in its current holder. If the card meets or exceeds the criteria for the minimum grade you've indicated, your card will be removed from its current holder, assigned its PSA grade and placed into a new PSA holder.

Personalized Trading Card Encapsulation: PSA can also encapsulate photos or personally designed trading cards in our tamper-evident protective holder. Click here to learn more.

Pack Grading

Pack Grading

PSA can now provide grading to collectors of unopened packs. From vintage classics to modern marvels, PSA can help you protect your prized packs with our revolutionary holder – the finest available in the marketplace. Utilizing a 1-10 grading scale with 10 being best, each pack is encapsulated in a sonically sealed, tamper-evident holder. The custom holder provides safe storage and exceptional visual presentation.

Ticket Grading

Ticket Grading

PSA offers ticket enthusiasts the same expertise and quality service that is available to trading card collectors. Grading is available for full tickets and stubs, both vintage and modern, for all of the top sporting events in the world – everything from Super Bowl, All-Star and World Series ticket runs to championship boxing matches. Just imagine the sets that can be collected. The possibilities are virtually endless! PSA-graded tickets are placed in custom-designed, tamper-evident holders. Like PSA card holders, they provide the most visually appealing form of safe, long-term storage. A comprehensive online price guide is published monthly in Sports Market Report.

About PSA Grading

Why PSA?
Find out how the grading and support system behind PSA-graded cards can give you the PSA Advantage.

PSA Grading Standards
PSA grading is the widely accepted standard in the trading card industry. View a detailed list of PSA Grading Standards.

The PSA Financial Guarantee of Grade & Authenticity
PSA guarantees that all cards submitted to it shall be graded in accordance with PSA grading standards and under the procedures of PSA.

The PSA Grading Process
Find out how your collectibles go through PSA's authentication & grading process.

Cards & Tickets That PSA Grades
PSA grades a variety of collectible trading cards and tickets. Find out all the different cards and tickets that PSA grades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Learn the answers to the most common questions about PSA's services.

PSA Security: A Buyer's Guide
Important notes about the PSA Holder.