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Non-Sports Card Values
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1961 Topps Crazy Cards

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 51015254080
Basher Brown had Over 2500 Fights!Shop11525405575150
An Eating Champ Ate 53 Pies at One Meal!Shop251015254080
Ben Franklin Did Not Dicover Electricity!Shop351015254080
A Stuntman Jumped from a Jet Plane and Landed Unhurt!Shop451015254080
Muscles Morgan Caught a Safe that Fell 100 Feet!Shop551015254080
A Man was Shot form a Cannon in N.Y. His Feet Toucehd the Ground in Maine!Shop651015254080
A Ten Year Old Smoked 35 Cigars…They Didn't Stunt His Growth!Shop751015254080
Astronaut Cole Reached a Speed of 25,000 mph!Shop851015254080
Though He Failed in Medical School a Famour Doctor Did 300 Operations!Shop951015254080
A 75 Year Old Shoeshine Man Retired as a Millionaire!Shop1051015254080
99 Year Old Zeke Meek Still has His Hair and Teeth!Shop1151015254080
In Detroit a Man Sleeps Upside Down because of a Strange Illness!Shop1251015254080
A Denver Man Lay on a Bed of Nails for 45 Days!Shop1351015254080
Mr. Juggles Can Toss Up 25 Dumbbells at One Time!Shop1451015254080
Mr. Memory Amazed People in His First Appearance!Shop1551015254080
A New York Policeman Never had an Injury in Over 40 Years on the Police Force!Shop1651015254080
A Dallas Salesman had One Blue Eye and One Brown Eye!Shop1751015254080
In 1947 "Amazo" the Famous Magician was Tied and Thrown in the River!Shop1851015254080
An Animal Trainer Won 300 Fights with Lions!Shop1951015254080
A Texas Man has Seen a Three-headed Cow!Shop2051015254080
A Man-eating Shark will not Eat a Man!Shop2151015254080
An Alaska man Never Wore a Coat and Never had a Cold!Shop2251015254080
In Maine a Man Lived Inside a Whale!Shop2351015254080
A Swiss Climber Fell Off M.t Everest and Only Broke One Finger!Shop2451015254080
Jockey Jones' Horse Could Go Safely Through a Flaming Hoop!Shop2551015254080
Mr. Fabulous threw Knives at his Wife Blinfolded!Shop2651015254080
In N.Y. a Man was Arrested for Throwing Shoes in the River!Shop2751015254080
A 6 Year Old Girl Blew A Bubble Gum Bubble 20 Feet Wide!Shop2851015254080
Mr. Hercules had the World's Strongest Teeth!Shop2951015254080
Every Time You Breathe Someone Dies!Shop3051015254080
A N.Y. Artist Can Paint with his Feet!Shop3151015254080
A Man Once Stayed Up for 97 Hours Withour Sleeping!Shop3251015254080
A Girl in Dallas Read an Entire Book Upside Down!Shop3351015254080
In Rome a Man Stayed Under Water for 10 Minutes!Shop3451015254080
A Noted Astronomer Saw 53 Stars in the Daytime!Shop3551015254080
An Ohio Farmer Never Hits any of His 12 Children!Shop3651015254080
A Berlin Man Put 15 People in His Volkswagon!Shop3751015254080
A Master Carpenter Drove a Nail Through a 12 Inch Board with One Blow!Shop3851015254080
A Paris Scientist Saw Flying Saucers for 3 Days!Shop3951015254080
"Quick Draw" Lee was the Fastest Gun in the West!Shop4051015254080
Movie Star Rex Huff Never Uses a Stunt Man!Shop4151015254080
Dr. Zilch was Famous as the First Painless Dentist!Shop4251015254080
In 61 Years Doctor Roy Peters Never Lost a Human Life!Shop4351015254080
A Fisherman Reeled in a Man with His Fishing Rod!Shop4451015254080
A Man Once Drove his Car Through the City Blindfolded!Shop4551015254080
In 1922 a Man was Arrested for Bathing on a Saturday!Shop4651015254080
Casper Blip's Act was Sawing His Wife in Half!Shop4751015254080
A Lion will not Bite a Human!Shop4851015254080
In 1950 a Man Broke his Neck Getting Out of a Car!Shop4951015254080
A Troy Housewife Hurt Her Eye While Drinking Tea!Shop5051015254080
There's a Man Who is Actually as Strong as an Ox!Shop5151015254080
William tell was the World's Greatest Archer!Shop5251015254080
Stare at this for 15 Minutes and You'll Discover Something Interesting!Shop5351015254080
A Man in Idaho, Age 105, Never Wore Glasses!Shop5451015254080
A Dutch Scientist Claimed He Could Eat Tarantulas!Shop5551015254080
Mr. Fearless Walks on Hot Coals Once a Year!Shop5651015254080
100 Year Old "Pop" Atlas Hasn't Visited a Dentist in 75 Years!Shop5751015254080
In 1938 a Man Hooked a 65 ft. Whale with a Fishing Pole!Shop5851015254080
Bullfighting Diaz Didn't Have a Scratch on His Body!Shop5951015254080
A Man Lost 185 Pounds of Ugly Fat in One Day!Shop6051015254080
A Miami Man Swam 5 Miles Through Shark Filled Waters!Shop6151015254080
Army Scout Reed Fought 8 Indians Single-handed!Shop6251015254080
A U.S. Sub Commander Sank 12 Jap Ships in One Day!Shop6351015254080
An Ace Skier Went Down a 150 Foot Hill in 33 Seconds!Shop6451015254080
A Boston Man was Run Over by a Steam Roller and Went Home an Hour Later!Shop6551015254080
A Doctor Once Performed a Delicate Brain Operation for 13 Hours!Shop661525405575150
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