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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1966 Topps Batman - B series

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 35152555120
The Joker's Icy JestShop1B15204080150315
the Pneguin PrevailsShop2B35152555120
Hydro-Foil HotspotShop3B35152555120
Branded Boy WonderShop4B35152555120
Caged by the CatwomenShop5B35152555120
Canape for a CobraShop6B35152555120
The Grim GladiatorShop7B35152555120
Snaring the SheikShop8B35152555120
Bashed on a BillboardShop9B35152555120
Amphibious AttackersShop10B35152555120
To Robin's RescueShop11B35152555120
Renegrade RouletteShop12B35152555120
Batman's CoffinShop13B35152555120
Neanderthal NemesisShop14B35152555120
Joker Wishes Robin WellShop15B35152555120
Penned by the PenguinShop16B35152555120
Prehistoric PerilShop17B35152555120
The Penguin's PreyShop18B35152555120
Cornered on a CliffShop19B35152555120
Distorted Dynamic DuoShop20B35152555120
Toll of TortureShop21B35152555120
Routing the RiddlerShop22B35152555120
The Joker's JuggernautShop23B35152555120
Fangs of the PhantomShop24B35152555120
Dragged form Death's DoorShop25B35152555120
Jack Frost's JinxShop26B35152555120
Pasting the PainterShop27B35152555120
Jack Frost's JinxShop28B35152555120
A Wretched RiddleShop29B35152555120
Jostled by the JokerShop30B35152555120
Batman Bucks BadmanShop31B35152555120
Frozen y FrostShop32B35152555120
Gassed by a GeraniumShop33B35152555120
A Fatal JoustShop34B35152555120
Holy RodentsShop35B35152555120
A Pressing PositionShop36B35152555120
Riddler on the RoofShop37B35152555120
Beware of the Bat-A-RangShop38B35152555120
Caught in a CavernShop39B35152555120
Batman Bails Out!Shop40B35152555120
Aquatic Attack!Shop41B35152555120
Inhospitable Hatter!Shop42B35152555120
the Perilous PennyShop43B35152555120
Riddler Robs a RainbowShop44B15204080150315
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Notes about 1966 Topps Batman - B series

PSA Mint 9s of #7 (Grim Gladiator) and #9 (Bashed on Billboard) sold for $507 each in 2009
A PSA Gem Mint 10 #17b (Prehistoric Peril) sold for $896 in 2011
A PSA Gem Mint 10 #54 (Whirlpool) sold for $777 in 2014

* Editor's note: plus (+) beside a price indicates that the price has increased in the past month. A minus (-) beside the price indicates that price has decreased in the past month.