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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1964 Outer Limits

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 5103560110250+
The Television TerrorShop1123070125250575
The Radio-active ManShop25103560110250+
Transparent CreatureShop35103560110250+
Terror from SpaceShop45103560110250+
Man from Galaxy 'X'Shop55103560110250+
The Jelly CreatureShop65103560110250+
The Unstaoppable OneShop75103560110250+
Jelly Man AttacksShop85103560110250+
Fangs of DeathShop95103560110250+
Visit from the FutureShop105103560110250+
Man from TommorowShop115103560110250+
Monster from VenusShop125103560110250+
Horror in the WoodsShop135103560110250+
Hunting New VictimsShop145103560110250+
The Brainless GlobShop155103560110250+
Man with Super SightShop165103560110250+
Not of this WorldShop175103560110250+
Invasion of the Sea BeastShop185103560110250+
The Sea beast StrikesShop195103560110250+
Fury of the Sea BeastShop205103560110250+
Prize CatchShop215103560110250+
The Captive BeastShop225103560110250+
Human InsectsShop235103560110250+
"Invade Earth"Shop245103560110250+
Thing from MercuryShop255103560110250+
The Death RayShop265103560110250+
The Doom MachineShop275103560110250+
Twin Space TerrorsShop285103560110250+
Night of TerrorShop295103560110250+
The InvaderShop305103560110250+
The Mind StealerShop315103560110250+
"You Are in My Power"Shop325103560110250+
Incredible Ice ManShop335103560110250+
Frozen TerrorShop345103560110250+
Plotting DestructionShop355103560110250+
Bring in the EarthmenShop365103560110250+
"You Can't Stop Me"Shop375103560110250+
The Brain DestroyerShop385103560110250+
Martian TortureShop395103560110250+
The Touch of DeathShop405103560110250+
Fearful FoeShop415103560110250+
Captive ScientistShop425103560110250+
Living NightmareShop435103560110250+
The SubterraneansShop445103560110250+
The Clay ManShop455103560110250+
Clay Man's RevengeShop465103560110250+
The Clay Man's Next VictimShop475103560110250+
Uninvited GuestShop485103560110250+
The EscapeShop495103560110250+
Destruction of the Clay ManShop50123070125250575
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Notes about 1964 Outer Limits

A PSA Mint 9 #38 (The Brain Destroyer) sold for $2,510 in 2012
A PSA Gem Mint 10 #47 (The Clay Man's Next Victim) sold for $2,151 in 2012
A PSA NM-MT 8 #6 (The Jelly Creature) sold for $956 in 2014
A PSA NM-MT + 8.5 #1 (The Television Terror) sold for $478 in 2014
A PSA Mint 9 (Fearful Foe) sold for $837 in 2014
A PSA Mint 9 #50 (Destruction of the Clay Man) sold for $1,076 in 2014

* Editor's note: plus (+) beside a price indicates that the price has increased in the past month. A minus (-) beside the price indicates that price has decreased in the past month.