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1962 Topps Mars Attacks

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Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 153055100295925
The Invasion BeginsShop16512524085026505400
Martians ApproachingShop2153055100295925
Attacking Army BaseShop3153055100295925
Saucers Blast JetsShop4153055100295925
Washington In FlamesShop5153055100295925
Burning Navy ShipsShop6153055100295925
Destroying BridgeShop7153055100295925
Times Squre TerrorShop8153055100295925
The Human TorchShop9153055100295925
Skyscraper TumblesShop10153055100295925
"Destroy the City"Shop11153055100295925
Death In The CockpitShop12153055100295925
Watching From MarsShop13153055100295925
Charred by MartiansShop14153055100295925
Saucers Invade ChinaShop15153055100295925
Panic In ParliamentShop16153055100295925
Beast and the BeautyShop17153055100295925
Soldier Fights backShop18153055100295925
Burning FleshShop19153055100295925
Crushed To DeathShop20153055100295925
Prize CaptiveShop21153055100295925
Burning CattleShop22153055100295925
The Frost RayShop23153055100295925
The Shrinking RayShop24153055100295925
Capturing a MartianShop25153055100295925
The Tidal WaveShop26153055100295925
The Giant FliesShop27153055100295925
Helpless VictimShop28153055100295925
Death in the ShelterShop29153055100295925
Monster Reaches inShop31153055100295925
Robot TerrorShop32153055100295925
Removing The VictimsShop33153055100295925
Terror In RailroadShop34153055100295925
The Flame ThrowersShop35153055100295925
Destoying A DogShop36153055100295925
Creeping MenaceShop37153055100295925
Victims Of The BugShop38153055100295925
Army Of InsectsShop39153055100295925
High VoltageShop40153055100295925
Horror In ParisShop41153055100295925
Hairy FiendShop42153055100295925
Blasting The BugShop43153055100295925
Battle In The AirShop44153055100295925
Fighting InsectsShop45153055100295925
Blast Off For MarsShop46153055100295925
Earth Bombs MarsShop47153055100295925
Earthmen Land On MarsShop48153055100295925
The Earthmen ChargeShop49153055100295925
Smashing The EnemyShop50153055100295925
Crushing The MartiansShop51153055100295925
Giant RobotShop52153055100295925
Martian City In RuinsShop53153055100295925
Mars ExplodesShop54153055100295925
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Notes about 1962 Topps Mars Attacks

PSA NM-MT 8s of #1 (The Invasion Begins) sold for $3,164 and $3,600 respectively in 2008
A PSA NM 7 #55 Checklist sold for $774 in 2009
A PSA NM 7 #1 (The Invasion Begins) sold for $2,341 in 2010
PSA Mint 9s of #s 19, 24 and 31 sold for $2,637 each in 2010
A PSA NM-MT+ 8.5 #3 (Attacking Army Base) sold for $1,163 in 2010
A PSA Mint 9 #16 (Panic in Parliament) sold for $3,191 in 2010
A PSA Mint 9 #2 Martians Approaching sold for $5,654 in 2011
A PSA Mint 9 #19 Burning Flesh sold for $3,510 in 2011
A PSA Mint 9 #48 Earthmen Land on Mars sold for $3,510 in 2011
A PSA Mint 9 #10 (The Skyscraper Tumbles) sold for $1,952 in 2011
A PSA NM-MT + 8.5 #2 (Martians Approach) sold for $1,162 in 2011
PSA Mint 9s of #3 Attacking Army Base ($3,019) and #38 Victims of the Bug ($2,266) sold in 2011
A PSA Mint 9 #53 (Martian City in Ruins) sold for $3,510 in 2012
A PSA Mint 9 #7 (Destroying the Bridge) sold for $1,673 in 2012
A PSA Mint 9 #30 (Trapped) sold for $2,494 in 2013

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