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1959 Fleer Indians Non-Sports Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1959 Fleer Indians set.

Non-Sports Card Values

1959 Fleer Indians

Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 3612182565
Sitting BullShop1610254575125
Indina Scout "Riding Trail"Shop23612182565
Indian Boy with Dog TravoisShop33612182565
Buffalo DancerShop43612182565
Indian Women and "Stove"Shop53612182565
Plains Indians "Teepees"Shop63612182565
Indians Launching BullboatShop73612182565
Indian Mother Preparing PemmicanShop83612182565
Indian Musician with Turtle RattleShop93612182565
Rabbit skin LeggingsShop103612182565
Indians Speaking Sign LanguageShop113612182565
Dancing SiouxShop123612182565
Chief WashakieShop143612182565
Medicine ManShop153612182565
Hunting A BuffaloShop163612182565
Chief JosephShop173612182565
Assiniboin WarriorShop183612182565
Buffalo Horn Head DressShop193612182565
Wampum BeltShop203612182565
Seminole "Chickee"Shop213612182565
Indian Girl "Doing the Dishes"Shop223612182565
Indian Making a FireShop233612182565
Seneca Carving Mask from Living TreeShop243612182565
Indian Making a Birchbark CanoeShop253612182565
Indian Woman Grinding MaizeShop263612182565
Indians Playing LacrosseShop273612182565
Indian in Winter Dress and SnowshoesShop283612182565
Indian Woman Preparing DeerskinShop293612182565
Indian LonghouseShop303612182565
Young Brave Coming Back from Hunting TripShop313612182565
Indian Mother with Papoose BoardShop323612182565
A Seminole Dugout CanoeShop333612182565
Iroquois WarriorShop343612182565
Seminole Hunting AlligatorShop353612182565
Seminole Man in CostumeShop373612182565
Making a Dugout CanoeShop383612182565
Indian Smoking Carved PipeShop393612182565
Chief HalftownShop403612182565
Smoke SignalsShop413612182565
Spear Shipping for SalmonShop423612182565
Carving a Totem PoleShop433612182565
Northwest Indian rain HatShop443612182565
Indian DancerShop453612182565
Girl with Raven Head SpoonShop463612182565
Warrior in Slatted ArmorShop473612182565
Sea-going CanoeShop483612182565
Northwest Indian Splitting LogsShop493612182565
Apache MASked DancerShop513612182565
Mudhead DollShop523612182565
Navaho SandpainterShop533612182565
Hopi Snake DancerShop543612182565
Navaho WarriorShop553612182565
Pueblo VillageShop563612182565
Butterfly DancerShop573612182565
Hoop DancerShop583612182565
Indian Farmer Digging Irrigation DitchShop603612182565
Navaho Rug WeaverShop613612182565
Apache HorsemenShop623612182565
Navaho "Hogan"Shop633612182565
Zoni Pottery DrumShop643612182565
Indian Dressed for the Toloache CeremonyShop653612182565
California Indian Woman with Burden BasketShop663612182565
Launching a "Balsa" RaftShop673612182565
Making Acorn BreadShop683612182565
California Indian Woman with Gathering BerriesShop693612182565
Eskimo on a Seal HuntShop703612182565
Eskimo Comedy MaskShop713612182565
Eskimo in KayakShop723612182565
Eskimo WrestlingShop733612182565
Eskimo Woman Mending BootsShop743612182565
Eskimo with Wounded Polar BearShop753612182565
Eskimo with Snow GogglesShop763612182565
Eskimo Woman FishingShop773612182565
Eskimo Returning to His IglooShop783612182565
Eskimo Repairing ArrowsShop793612182565
Eskimo Dog SledShop80610254575125
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Notes about 1959 Fleer Indians

PSA Mint 9s of #4, #25, #32 and #57 each sold for $179 in 2012

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