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Prices as of: 4/1/2014
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1951 Bowman Red Menace

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Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 812223580165
Reds Invade South KoreaShop112204080175400
MacArthur Heads U.N. ForcesShop2812223580165
Slave LaborShop3812223580165
"Mustangs" Rout Red PlanesShop4812223580165
Hill 303Shop5812223580165
Landing at InchonShop6812223580165
Trouble on the DocksShop7812223580165
Bridging A Stream Under FireShop8812223580165
Police StateShop9812223580165
Lieutenant R. BrownShop10812223580165
Fleeing the RedsShop11812223580165
Heroes of TurkeyShop12812223580165
Putting Out Atomic FireShop13812223580165
Sabres Win War BattleShop14812223580165
Red Battle WagonShop15812223580165
Negro G.I.s Hold LineShop16812223580165
War in MalayaShop17812223580165
Gen, Walton H. WalkerShop18812223580165
Atomic DoomShop1912204080165375
"Big Mo" In ActionShop20812223580165
Mined HarborShop21812223580165
Alaska LookoutShop22812223580165
Ghost CityShop2312204080165375
General "Ike" In CommandShop24812223580165
Red Rule In ManchuriaShop25812223580165
Finns Defend CountryShop26812223580165
Red Guerrillas In GreeceShop27812223580165
Berlin AirliftShop28812223580165
Red Riot in BogotaShop29812223580165
Helicopters In ActionShop30812223580165
Case of Cardinal MindzentyShop31812223580165
U.N. CounterattackShop32812223580165
Berlin KidnappingShop33812223580165
"Tiny Tim"Shop34812223580165
Visit By Red PoliceShop35812223580165
Commander in KoreaShop36812223580165
Concentration CampShop37812223580165
"Lightning Joe" CollinsShop38812223580165
Soviet Rocket FighterShop39812223580165
Frontier PatrolShop40812223580165
To the MinesShop41812223580165
Naval ChiefShop42812223580165
Huk RaidersShop43812223580165
One-Man StandShop44812223580165
Ambush in IndochinaShop45812223580165
Fighting MarineShop46812223580165
Doughboy's GeneralShop4815255090185450
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Notes about 1951 Bowman Red Menace

A PSA NM-MT 8 #24 (General Ike in Command) sold for $450 in 2012 and $366 in 2013

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