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Non-Sports Card Values

1985 WWF Pro Wrestling Stars (Topps)

Card Number
MT 9
Commons 31020
Hulk HoganShop11545250+
The Iron SheikShop231020
Captain Lou AlbanoShop331020
Junk Yard DogShop431020
Paul (Mr. Wonderful) OrndorffShop531020
Jimmy (Superfly) SnukaShop631020
Rowdy Roddy PiperShop731020
Wendi RichterShop831020
Greg (The Hammer) ValentineShop931020
Brutus BeefcakeShop1031020
Jesse ( The Body) VenturaShop1131020
Big John StuddShop1231020
The Fabulous MoolahShop1331020
Tito SantanaShop1431020
Hillbilly JimShop1531020
Hulk HoganShop161235135
Mr. FujiShop1731020
Mike Rotundo and Barry WindhamShop1831020
Moondog SpotShop1931020
Chief Jay StrongbowShop2031020
George (The Animal) SteeleShop2131020
Let Go of My Toe (Valentine/Santana)Shop2231020
Lock 'Em Up (Studd/Strongbow)Shop2331020
Scalp 'Em (Dog/Fuji)Shop2431020
Going for Midsection (Moolah/Richter)Shop2531020
Up in the Air (Brutus Beefcake)Shop2631020
All Tied Up (Studd/Andre)Shop2731020
Here She Comes (Tito Santana)Shop2831020
Stretched to the Limit (Hulk Hogan)Shop2931020
Over He Goes (Paul Orndorff)Shop3031020
An Appetite for Mayhem (Animal Steele)Shop3131020
Putting on Pressure (Sheik/Putski)Shop3231020
Smashed on a Knee (Valentine/Snuka)Shop3331020
A Fist Comes Flying (Tito Santana)Shop3431020
Lemme' Out of This (Moondog Rex and David Sammartino)Shop3531020
No Fair Chokin' (Studd/Putski)Shop3631020
Attacked by an Animal ( Animal Steele)Shop3731020
One Angry Man (Jesse Ventura)Shop3831020
Someone's Going Down (Ventura/Putski)Shop3931020
Strangle Hold (Piper/Dog)Shop4031020
Bending An Arm (Brutus Beefcake)Shop4131020
Ready for Pile Driver (Paul Orndorff)Shop4231020
Face to the Canvas ( Mr. Fuji)Shop4331020
Paul Wants it All (Paul Orndorff)Shop4431020
Kick to the Face (Andre the Giant)Shop4531020
Ready for Action ( Ivan Putski)Shop4631020
Putting on the Squeeze (Richter Moolah)Shop4731020
Giants in Action (Studd/Andre)Shop4831020
Camel Clutch (Iron Sheik)Shop4931020
Pile Up (Andre the Giant)Shop5031020
Can't Get Away (Shiek/Rocky J.)Shop5131020
Going for the Pin (Tito Santana) Shop5231020
Ready to Fly ( Andre/Snuka)Shop5331020
Crusher in a Crusher ( Junk Yard Dog)Shop5431020
Furyof the Animal (George Steele) Shop5531020
Wrong Kind of Music (Hulk Hogan)Shop5631020
Hulk HoganShop5731020
Junk Yard DogShop5831020
Rowdy Roddy PiperShop5931020
Hulk HoganShop6031020
Jesse VenturaShop6131020
Jesse VenturaShop6231020
Iron Sheik (with Blassie)Shop6331020
Wendi RichterShop6431020
George SteeleShop6531020
Captain Lou AlbanoShop6631020
Complete Set (66)  Shop     

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