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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1965 James Bond

Card Number
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 102855
Debonair but DeadlyShop1153575
Vacation Over, Back To Work!Shop2102855
Trouble In JamaicaShop3102855
Passions Rise!Shop4102855
The Allies MeetShop6102855
Licensed To KillShop7102855
Dr. No's PetShop8102855
Bond Reduces The Enemy By OneShop9102855
The Dragon TankShop10102855
007's Luck Runs Out, Almost!Shop11102855
A Prisoner Of Dr. NoShop12102855
Dr. Julius NoShop13102855
Dr. No's Under- Ground LaboratoryShop14102855
Dr. No's Tunnel Of TortureShop15102855
An Anxious Moment For Dr. NoShop16102855
Dr. No's FinishShop17102855
"Where Is She? Quick!"Shop18102855
James Bond, Secret Service Agent 007Shop19102855
The Big ThreeShop20102855
Dress Rehearsal For AssassinationShop21102855
Spectre, Inter- National CrimeShop22102855
Agents Of SpectreShop23102855
Graduate Of A College For KillersShop24102855
Kronsteen, The PlannerShop25102855
Looking In On The RussiansShop26102855
The Lovely TatianaShop27102855
Double BaitShop28102855
Head Of Secret Service Station "T"Shop29102855
Attacked By The RussiansShop30102855
"She Should Have Kept Her Mouth Shut!"Shop31102855
A Taped Message From The Middle EastShop32102855
The Fight With GrantShop33102855
Hunted By HelicopterShop34102855
James Bond Vs. SpectreShop35102855
Armed With "Q's" Special EquipmentShop36102855
Chase By SeaShop37102855
Always Burn Your Boats Behind YouShop38102855
The Dagger ShoesShop40102855
Spectre's Final EffortShop41102855
007 Puts The Heat OnShop42102855
Gin Rummy By RadioShop43102855
"Not A Personal Affair, 007, A Job!"Shop44102855
The Incredible Aston-MartinShop45102855
A Study In CheatingShop46102855
A Powerful DemonstrationShop47102855
Tilly MastersonShop48102855
The 24 Carat Rolls- RoyceShop49102855
Captured At LastShop50102855
The Incredible Laser RayShop51102855
Spying On A SpyShop52102855
Felix Leiter Of The CiaShop53102855
The Hoods' ConventionShop54102855
One Good Turn Deserves AnotherShop55102855
Goldfinger Vs. The United StatesShop56102855
The U.S. Army Strikes Back!Shop57102855
A Treacherous EscapeShop58102855
Oddjob The InvincibleShop59102855
More Than A DemonstrationShop60102855
The Fight With OddjobShop61102855
Oddjob's Deadly DerbyShop62102855
Death Of A KillerShop63102855
Racing The Clock At Fort KnoxShop64102855
Auric GoldfingerShop65102855
The Final EncounterShop66123265
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Notes about 1965 James Bond

PSA Gem Mint 10s of #3, #5 and #16 each sold for $209 in 2012

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