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Golf Card Values

1926 Spalding (Sports Company of America) - Champions

EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Leo Diegel (R) (HOF) (Stat Back)Shop651002004501000
Walter Hagen (R) (HOF) (Stat Back)Shop18027555015004000
Willie Macfarlane (R) (HOF) (Stat Back)Shop651002004501000
Frances Oimet (R0 (HOF) (Stat Back)Shop14522545012003000
Gene Sarazen (R) (HOF) (Stat Back)Shop18027555015004000
Jesse Sweetser (R) ( Stat Back)Shop651002004501000
George Von ELm (R) (Stat Back)Shop651002004501000
Cyril Walker (R) (Stat Back)Shop651002004501000

Notes about 1926 Spalding (Sports Company of America) - Champions

In November of 1926, the Sports Company of America (Spalding) printed about 200 of each card with "Stat Back" reverses, each card was issues in a small glassine envelope with a coupon good for ten cents of sports goods at Spalding.
Also issued were very rare "Ad Back" reverses which had an advertisement from Spalding.
Only 4 of each "Ad Backs" were issued to give away to clients, employees and sports events.
The "Ad Back" variety command prices that are considerably higher than those shown above for the Stat Back examples.

* Editor's note: plus (+) beside a price indicates that the price has increased in the past month. A minus (-) beside the price indicates that price has decreased in the past month.