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1902 F. & J. Smith - Champions of Sport (Scotland) Golf Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1902 F. & J. Smith - Champions of Sport (Scotland) set.

Golf Card Values

1902 F. & J. Smith - Champions of Sport (Scotland)

Card Number
VG 3
EX 5
NM 7
H. Vardon (HOF) (Red Back) Shop16500650875125022003500
James Braid (R) (HOF) (Red Back)Shop19400525750110018002500
J.H. Taylor (HOF) (Red Back)Shop20400525750110018002500
J. Ball (R) (HOF) (Red Back)Shop21400525750110018002500
Tom Morris (HOF) (Red Back)Shop22450600850117520003000
Ben Sayers (R) (Red Back)Shop33350500700100016002250
H. Hilton (HOF) (Red Back)Shop34400525750110018002500
J.E. Laidley (R) (Red Back)Shop35350500700100016002250
H. Vardon (HOF) (Blue Back)ShopN/A500650875125020003500
James Braid (R) (HOF) (Blue Back)ShopN/A400525750110018002500
J.H. Taylor (HOF) (Blue Back)ShopN/A400525750110018002500
John Ball (R) (HOF) (Blue Back)ShopN/A400525750110018002500
Tom Morris (HOF) (Blue Back)ShopN/A450600850117520003000
Ben Sayers (R) (Blue Back)ShopN/A350500700100016002250
H.H. Hilton (HOF) (Blue Back)ShopN/A400525750110018002500
J.E. Laidlay (R) (Blue Back)ShopN/A350500700100016002250

Notes about 1902 F. & J. Smith - Champions of Sport (Scotland)

There are also unnumbered cards with blue blacks

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