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1958 Hires Root Beer Baseball Cards from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 1958 Hires Root Beer set.

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Prices as of: 4/1/2014
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1958 Hires Root Beer

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Card Number
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
Commons 10-76 14223875225
Richie Ashburn (HOF)Shop103050100225650
Chico CarrasquelShop1114223875225
Dave PhilleyShop1214223875225
Don NewcomeShop13203560120400
Wally PostShop1414223875225
Rip RepulskiShop1514223875225
Chico FernandezShop1614223875225
Larry Doby (HOF)Shop17223865130450
Hector BrownShop1814223875225
Danny O'ConnellShop1914223875225
Granny HamnerShop2014223875225
Dick GroatShop2114223875225
Ray NarleskiShop2214223875225
Pee Wee Reese (HOF)Shop233050100225650
Bob FriendShop2414223875225
Willie Mays (HOF)Shop25851352756501750
Bob NiemanShop2614223875225
Frank ThomasShop2714223875225
Curt SimmonsShop2814223875225
Stan LopataShop2914223875225
Bob SkinnerShop3014223875225
Ron KlineShop3114223875225
Willie MirandaShop3214223875225
Bob AvilaShop3314223875225
Clem LabineShop34203560120400
Ray JablonskiShop3514223875225
Bill Mazeroski (HOF)Shop36223865130450
Billy GardnerShop3714223875225
Pete RunnelsShop3814223875225
Jack SanfordShop3914223875225
Dave SislerShop4014223875225
Don ZimmerShop41203560120400
Johnny PodresShop42203560120400
Dick FarrellShop4314223875225
Hank Aaron (HOF)Shop44851352756501750
Bill VirdonShop4514223875225
Bobby ThomsonShop46203560120400
Willard NixonShop4714223875225
Billy LoesShop4814223875225
Hank SauerShop4914223875225
Johnny AntonelliShop5014223875225
Daryl SpencerShop5114223875225
Ken LehmanShop5214223875225
Sammy WhiteShop5314223875225
Charley NealShop5414223875225
Don Drysdale (HOF)Shop553050100225650
Jack JensenShop5614223875225
Ray KattShop5714223875225
Franklin SullivanShop5814223875225
Roy FaceShop5914223875225
Willie JonesShop6014223875225
Duke Snider SP (HOF)Shop61701102204651250
Whitey LockmanShop6214223875225
Gino CimoliShop6314223875225
Marv GrissomShop6414223875225
Gene BakerShop6514223875225
George ZuverinkShop6614223875225
Ted KluszewskiShop67223865130450
Jim BusbyShop6814223875225
Curt BarclayShop7014223875225
Hank FoilesShop7114223875225
Gene StephensShop7214223875225
Al WorthingtonShop7314223875225
Al WalkerShop7414223875225
Bob BoydShop7514223875225
Al PilarcikShop7614223875225
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Notes about 1958 Hires Root Beer

These prices are for examples without tabs
Hires w/tabs generally sell for 3x or more the listed price
A PSA NM-MT 8 Mays w/tab sold for $7,431 in 2006, $1,956 in 2008 and $2,220 in 2012
A PSA NM-MT 8 Ashburn w/tab sold for $995 in 2009
A PSA Gem Mint 10 #20 Hamner sold for $776 in 2012

* Editor's note: plus (+) beside a price indicates that the price has increased in the past month. A minus (-) beside the price indicates that price has decreased in the past month.