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500 Home Run Club Sports Tickets from the PSA SMR Price Guide. Articles, prices, and auctions for cards in the 500 Home Run Club set.

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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

500 Home Run Club

Ticket Type
EX 5
NM 7
MT 9
4/7/2009Gary SheffieldSeason Full  165195250440850
4/7/2009Gary SheffieldBox Office Full  406095195350
4/7/2009Gary SheffieldStub       
5/31/2008Manny RamirezSeason Full  150175225400750
5/31/2008Manny RamirezBox Office Full  406080145300
5/31/2008Manny RamirezStub       
9/16/2007Jim ThomeSeason Full  150175225400750
9/16/2007Jim ThomeBox Office Full  406080175300
9/16/2007Jim ThomeStub       
8/4/2007Alex RodriguezSeason Full  190250300550990
8/4/2007Alex RodriguezBox Office Full  7090135275440
8/4/2007Alex RodriguezStub       
6/28/2007Frank ThomasSeason Full  165195250440825
6/28/2007Frank ThomasBox Office Full  456590190330
6/28/2007Frank ThomasStub       
6/20/2004Ken Griffey,Jr.Season Full  175225275500900
6/20/2004Ken Griffey,Jr.Box Office Full  75100125175250
6/20/2004Ken Griffey,Jr.Stub  20304080125
5/11/2003Rafael PalmeiroSeason Full  150175225400750
5/11/2003Rafael PalmeiroBox Office Full  406080175300
5/11/2003Rafael PalmeiroStub       
4/4/2003Sammy SosaSeason Full  150175225400750
4/4/2003Sammy SosaBox Office Full  406080175300
4/4/2003Sammy SosaStub       
4/17/2001Barry BondsSeason Full  175225275500900
4/17/2001Barry BondsBox Office Full  6080120250400
4/17/2001Barry BondsStub n/a  N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
8/5/1999Mark McGwireSeason Full  1952503256001000
8/5/1999Mark McGwireBox Office Full  6590135275450
8/5/1999Mark McGwireStub       
9/6/1996Eddie MurraySeason Full  175225275500900
9/6/1996Eddie MurrayBox Office Full  6080120250400
9/6/1996Eddie MurrayStub       
4/18/1987Mike SchmidtSeason Full  2102753757001250
4/18/1987Mike SchmidtBox Office Full  75100150300500
4/18/1987Mike SchmidtStub       
9/17/1984Reggie JacksonSeason Full  2252954007501400
9/17/1984Reggie JacksonBox Office Full  75100150300500
9/17/1984Reggie JacksonStub       
6/30/1978Willie McCoveySeason Stub1502003004507501500 
6/30/1978Willie McCoveyBox Office Stub50100150250400750 
6/30/1978Willie McCoveyFull350500900150022503000 
9/13/1971Frank RobinsonSeason Stub2503254755509002000 
9/13/1971Frank RobinsonBox Office Stub100150225400550900 
9/13/1971Frank RobinsonFull6009001500250040006500 
8/10/1971Harmon KillebrewSeason Stub2503254755509002000 
8/10/1971Harmon KillebrewBox Office Stub100150225400550900 
8/10/1971Harmon KillebrewFull6009001500250040006500 
5/12/1970Ernie BanksSeason Stub27535052570010002250 
5/12/1970Ernie BanksBox Office Stub1251752755256501100 
5/12/1970Ernie BanksFull7001000150025004000  
7/14/1968Hank AaronSeason Stub30035055075011002500 
7/14/1968Hank AaronBox Office Stub1251753005007501250 
7/14/1968Hank AaronFull7001000150025004000  
7/14/1967Eddie MathewsSeason Stub250325475550900  
7/14/1967Eddie MathewsBox Office Stub100150225400550  
7/14/1967Eddie MathewsFull7001000150025004000  
5/14/1967Mickey MantleSeason Stub10001500200030004000  
5/14/1967Mickey MantleBox Office Stub500750100015002000  
5/14/1967Mickey MantleFull       
9/13/1965Willie MaysSeason Stub10001500200030004000  
9/13/1965Willie MaysBox Office Stub500750100015002000  
9/13/1965Willie MaysFull       
6/17/1960Ted WilliamsSeason Stub10001500200030004000  
6/17/1960Ted WilliamsBox Office Stub500750100015002000  
6/17/1960Ted WilliamsFull       
8/1/1945Mel OttSeason Stub1500200030004000   
8/1/1945Mel OttBox Office Stub700100015002000   
8/1/1945Mel OttFull       
9/24/1940Jimmie FoxxSeason Stub2000300040005000   
9/24/1940Jimmie FoxxBox Office Stub1000150020002500   
9/24/1940Jimmie FoxxFull       
8/11/1929Babe RuthSeason Stub2000300040005000   
8/11/1929Babe RuthBox Office Stub1000150020002500   
8/11/1929Babe RuthFull       

Notes about 500 Home Run Club

Note: The Giants did not tear tickets the night Bonds hit #500 therefore no Stubs exist
Note: Post-1980 Stubs are generally worth about 1/3 to 1/4 of the Full Ticket price
Note: Pre-1980 Full Tickets are generally worth three to five times the price of stubs based on their scarcity in Full form
* Indicate tickets were scanned and not torn at this venue. Prices presented are for Full Tickets only. No stubs were generated.

* Editor's note: plus (+) beside a price indicates that the price has increased in the past month. A minus (-) beside the price indicates that price has decreased in the past month.