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Non-Sports Card Values
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1983 Topps Return of the Jedi Cards

Card Number
MT 9
Commons 51025
Title CardShop151025
Luke SkywalkerShop251025
Darth VaderShop351025
Han SoloShop451025
Princess Leia OrganaShop551025
Lando CalrissianShop651025
C-3PO and R2-D2Shop851025
The New Death StarShop951025
The InspectionShop1051025
Toward the Desert PalaceShop1151025
Bib FortunaShop1251025
Court of EvilShop1351025
Jabba the HuttShop1451025
Intergalactic GangsterShop1551025
Salacious CrumbShop1651025
A Message from Jabba the HuttShop1751025
Dungeons of Jabba the HuttShop1851025
Beedo and a JawaShop1951025
Sy Snootles and the Rebo BandShop2051025
Droopy McCoolShop2151025
Sy SnootlesShop2251025
Watched by Boba FettShop2351025
Boushh's CaptiveShop2451025
The Bounty Hunter BoushhShop2551025
The Villians ConferShop2651025
Han Solo's PlightShop2751025
The ResuerShop2851025
Princess Leia to the Rescue!Shop3051025
Heroes in DisguiseShop3151025
The Princess EnslavedShop3251025
Luke Skywalker ArrivesShop3351025
The Young JediShop3451025
The Court in Chaos!Shop3551025
The Rancor PitShop3651025
Facing Jabba the HuttShop3751025
The Sail Barge and the Desert SkiffShop3851025
Jabba the Hutt's New Dancing GirlShop3951025
On the Sail BargeShop4051025
A Monstrous Fate!Shop4151025
The Battle BeginsShop4251025
Lando Calrissian's Flight for LifeShop4351025
Fury of the JediShop4451025
Princess Leia Strikes Back!Shop4551025
The Demise of Jabba the HuttShop4651025
Boba Fett's Last StandShop4751025
The RescueShop4851025
Gamorrean GuardShop4951025
The Deadly CannonShop5051025
The Raging BattleShop5151025
Princess Leia Swings Into Action!Shop5251025
Swing to SafetyShop5351025
On the Death StarShop5451025
Guards of the EmperorShop5551025
The DecidersShop5651025
The EmperorShop5751025
Yoda the Jedi MasterShop5851025
A Word with Ben (Obi-Wan) KenobiShop5951025
The Allies MeetShop6051025
A New ChallengeShop6151025
Pondering the RaidShop6251025
Mission: Destroy the Death Star!Shop6351025
Mon MothmaShop6451025
The Friends DeaprtShop6551025
Benevolent CreatureShop6651025
The Plan BeginsShop6751025
Forest of EndorShop6851025
Droids on the MoveShop6951025
Blasting a Speeder BikeShop7051025
Approaching the PrincessShop7151025
A New Found FriendShop7251025
Princess Leia's FriendShop7351025
Under Attack!Shop7451025
Imperial Scout Peril!Shop7551025
Entering the Throne RoomShop7651025
The Skywalker FactorShop7751025
Captured by the EwoksShop7851025
The Netted DroidShop7951025
All Hail See-Threepio!Shop8051025
Royal TreatmentShop8151025
Sitting with RoyaltyShop8251025
Levitated by LukeShop8351025
The Ewok LeadersShop8451025
Logray and the Chief ChirpaShop8551025
Help from Princess LeiaShop8651025
Will Han Solo Be Dinner?Shop8751025
The Baby EwokShop8851025
The Forest CreaturesShop8951025
The Droid and the EwokShop9051025
R2-D2 Meets WicketShop9151025
Unexpected AlliesShop9251025
Serious SituationShop9351025
Luke Skywalker's DestinyShop9451025
Quiet, See-Threpio!Shop9551025
Imperial Biker Scout!Shop9651025
Biker Scout and the BattlefieldShop9751025
Han Solo's ApproachShop9851025
The Ultimate MissionShop9951025
Ready for Action!Shop10051025
Ambushed by the EmpireShop10151025
Observed by the EwoksShop10251025
The Courageous EwoksShop10351025
Revising This PlanShop10551025
At-St ( All Terrain Scout Transport)Shop10651025
The Forest Fighters!Shop10751025
Break for Freedom!Shop10851025
Artoo-Detoo - Hit!Shop10951025
Chewbacca Triumphant!Shop11051025
Ewoks to the Rescue!Shop11151025
Battle in the ForestShop11251025
Stormtrooper Attack!Shop11351025
The Victorious RebelsShop11451025
Time Out for LoveShop11551025
Facing the EmperorShop11651025
Master of TerrorShop11751025
The Emperor's OfferShop11851025
Battle of the JediShop11951025
Lightsaber Battle!Shop12051025
Darth Vader is Down!Shop12151025
The ConfrontationShop12251025
The Death Star RaidShop12351025
Military Leader Admiral AckbarShop12451025
Within the Death StarShop12551025
Victory Celebration!Shop12651025
Congratulating WedgeShop12751025
The Triumphant TrioShop12851025
The Heroic DroidsShop12951025
Toward Brighter TomorrowsShop13051025
Checklist IShop13151025
Checklist IIShop13251025
Title CardShop13351025
Path to DestintyShop13451025
The Courageous JediShop13651025
The VictorsShop13751025
Wicket and Princess LeiaShop13851025
The Emporer's ArrivalShop13951025
Sail Barge Battle!Shop14051025
Luke Skywalker, The JediShop14151025
The Approach of WicketShop14251025
A Close Call!Shop14351025
Above the Sarlacc PitShop14451025
Admiral Ackbar's DefendersShop14551025
R2-D2 on EndorShop14651025
Boba Fett Attacks!Shop14751025
Deadly Plunge!Shop14851025
Lando Calrissian's DisguiseShop14951025
Soldiers of the EmpireShop15051025
A Curious EwokShop15151025
A Pensive Luke SkywalkerShop15251025
The Captive PrincessShop15351025
Luke Skywalker SurrendersShop15451025
Thoughts of a JediShop15551025
The Jaws of DeathShop15651025
Princess Leia Has the Force!Shop15751025
Arrival of the EmperorShop15851025
Reunion on EndorShop15951025
Toward the Sarlacc PitShop16051025
Sail Barge CreaturesShop16151025
Friends of the Alliance!Shop16251025
The Dreaded RancorShop16351025
Face of TerrorShop16451025
Inside Jabba the Hutt's PalaceShop16551025
The Ewok VillageShop16651025
A Collection of CreaturesShop16751025
Alert to Danger!Shop16851025
Walking the Plank!Shop16951025
A Gamorrean Guard EmergesShop17051025
The Imperial FleetShop17151025
Jabba the Hutt on the Sail BargeShop17251025
Escorted to the Ewok VillageShop17351025
A Monstrous Guest!Shop17451025
Village of EwoksShop17551025
Aboard the Sail BargeShop17651025
Confronting the DestinyShop17751025
"Where's Princess Leia?"Shop17851025
Horror From the PitShop17951025
"Give In to Your Hate!"Shop18051025
Awaiting his MajestyShop18151025
A Mother Ewok and ChildShop18251025
A Concerned Princess LeiaShop18351025
Lead Singer Sy SnootlesShop18451025
The Arrival of BoushhShop18551025
Master of His CourtShop18651025
Star LoversShop18751025
Luke Skywalker…Now a Jedi!Shop18851025
Battle of the Bunker!Shop18951025
Portrait of WicketShop19051025
Trapped by the EmpireShop19151025
Their Secret RevealedShop19251025
Rethinking the PlanShop19351025
Snagged by the EwoksShop19451025
Han Solo's in Toruble!Shop19551025
Is Han Solo Giving Up?Shop19651025
The Royal DroidShop19751025
Princess Leia IntercedesShop19851025
Rescuing Han SoloShop19951025
Father Versus SonShop20051025
Luke Skywalker, Jedi WarriorShop20151025
The Young Jedi KnightShop20251025
Han Solo Is Alive!Shop20351025
Lando Calrissian UndercoverShop20451025
Horrendous CreatureShop20551025
Corridors of the Imperial DestroyerShop20651025
Surrounded by EwoksShop20751025
Gamorrean Guard ProfileShop20851025
Hulking Gamorean GuardShop20951025
Guests of Jabba the HuttShop21051025
A Full-Fledge Jedi!Shop21151025
Bizarre Allen CreaturesShop21251025
Headquarters FrigateShop21351025
TIE InterceptorShop21451025
The Nearly Completed Death StarShop21551025
Rebel CruiserShop21651025
The InterceptorShop21751025
The Emperor's ShuttleShop21851025
Portrait of ChewbaccaShop21951025
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