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Non-Sports Card Values
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Prices as of: 4/1/2014

1976 Topps Star Trek

Card Number
MT 9
Commons 1240350
The USS EnterpriseShop145175700
Captain James T. KirkShop2351501500+
Dr. Bones McCoyShop3253001200
Science Officer SpockShop435150600
Engineer ScottShop51890450
Lieutennant UhuraShop61890450
Esnsign ChekovShop71890850
The Phaser - Tomorrow's WeaponShop81240350
The Shuttle CraftShop91240350
The Alien Mr. SpockShop121240350
Men of the EnterpriseShop131240350
Story of the Voyage OneShop141240350
"Live Long and Prosper"Shop151240350
View from the BridgeShop161240350
Toward the UnknownShop171240350
Enterprise Orbiting EarthShop181240350
The Purple BarrierShop191240350
Outwitting a GodShop201240350
Planet Delta VegaShop211240350
Charlie's LawShop221240350
Mysterious CubeShop231240350
Dwarfed by the EnemyShop241240350
Balok's Alter-EgoShop251240350
Last of Its KindShop261240350
Frozen WorldShop271240350
Spock Loses ControlShop281240350
The Naked TimeShop291240350
The Demon WithinShop301240350
"My Enemy…My Self!"Shop311240350
Monster AndroidShop321240350
Korby's FollyShop331240350
The Duplicate ManShop341240350
Balance of TerrorShop351240350
Attacked by SporesShop361240350
Spock Unwinds!Shop371240350
Duel at GothosShop381240350
Timeship of LazarusShop391240350
Dagger of the MindShop401240350
The LawgiversShop411240350
Hunting the Tunnel MonsterShop421240350
Battling the HortaShop431240350
Strange CommunicatonShop441240350
A Startling DiscoveryShop451240350
The Guardian of ForeverShop471240350
Visit to a Hostile CityShop481240350
Mystery at Star Base 6Shop491240350
Fate of Captain PikeShop501240350
The TalosiansShop511240350
Ordeal on Rigel SevenShop521240350
Capturing the SeekerShop531240350
Blasted by the EnemyShop541240350
Trapped by the Lizard CreatureShop551240350
The Gorn Strikes!Shop561240350
Earthman's TriumphShop571240350
Specimen: UnknownShop581240350
Spock's WeddingShop601240350
Strangled by Mr. SpockShop611240350
Grasp of the GodsShop621240350
The Monster Called NomadShop631240350
The CompanionShop641240350
Journey to BabelShop651240350
Death ShipShop661240350
The Tholian WebShop671240350
The Architects of PainShop681240350
The MugatoShop691240350
The Deadly YearsShop701240350
Ancient Rome RevisitedShop711240350
The MelkotianShop721240350
The Vulcan Mind MeldShop731240350
Possessed by ZargonShop741240350
Creation of a HumanoidShop751240350
Captured by RomulansShop761240350
A War of WorldsShop771240350
Space of BrainsShop781240350
I, Yarneg!Shop791240350
Death in a Single CellShop801240350
The UninvitedShop811240350
The Lights of ZetarShop821240350
Invaded by Alien EnergyShop831240350
Kirk's Deadliest FoeShop841240350
The Trouble with TribblesShop851240350
The Nazi PlanetShop861240350
The Starship EaterShop871240350
Star Trek LivesShop8825110475
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Notes about 1976 Topps Star Trek

PSA Gem Mint 10s of #8 (The Phaser - Tomorrow's Weapon) and #82 (The Lights of Zetar) sold for $1,195 each in 2012
The #3 Dr. Bones McCoy card is a condition-rarity in PSA Mint 9 or better due to its position on the sheet
PSA Gem Mint 10s of #7 (Chekov), # 47 (The Guardian...) and #51 (The Talosians) each sold for $2,151 in 2013
A PSA Gem Mint 10 #74 (Possessed by Zargon) sold for $1,500 in 2013
A PSA Gem Mint 10 #2 Capt. James T. Kirk sold for $3,286 in 2014
A PSA Gem Mint 10 #86 (The Nazi Planet) sold for $2,510 in 2014
PSA Gem Mint 10s of #78 (Space Brains) and #87 (The Starship Eater) each sold for $1,554 in 2014

* Editor's note: plus (+) beside a price indicates that the price has increased in the past month. A minus (-) beside the price indicates that price has decreased in the past month.