New To Collecting?

A Small Investment, A Big Return
If you're serious about maximizing the value of your collectibles and realizing top prices when you sell, there's no better way than with PSA and PSA/DNA Authentication Services. Even if you never actually sell your collectibles, you will most likely hand them down to a family member or friend someday. If these items have not been graded by PSA or authenticated by PSA/DNA, the recipient may never know the true value of your gift and can easily be taken advantage of if they try to sell these items.

Increase the Number of Potential Buyers by Reducing the Risk
The upsurge in Internet bidding and buying has greatly increased the potential for fraud in today's sports collectibles market. That's why now more than ever buyers want and need assurance that what they are buying is actually what they are getting. For many, the only names they trust are PSA and PSA/DNA Authentication Services.

With impartial, third-party validation, someone other than a seller has offered an opinion about the item that's up for sale. It's not the seller who is claiming a collectible is top grade or genuine. It's PSA and PSA/DNA Authentication Services. Unlike the seller, we have no financial stake in the item's sale. All perceived conflict of interest is eliminated, and so is the risk. Everyone wins.

Making it Safe to Buy Cards and Collectibles Online
PSA and PSA/DNA Authentication Services have significantly influenced the rise of collectibles sales on eBay and other online auction sites by enabling collectors to trust sellers that list any item which bears the PSA or PSA/DNA name. Each PSA-graded or authenticated collectible is assigned a unique certification number that buyers can use to verify information about the item. A keyword search of PSA or PSA/DNA at shows that at any given time, the auction site has tens of thousands of PSA and PSA/DNA-designated items. These are the collectibles that typically sell first and fastest.

Enhance Your Credibility
When it comes to collectibles, a seller's reputation is of paramount importance. Those with the best reputations have their collectibles graded and/or authenticated by PSA. If you are known as a seller who does not, your credibility may suffer. Buyers will ask questions and speculate as to your reasons why.

Is There a Fortune in the Cards for You?
The power of PSA is readily apparent when it comes to the increased value PSA certification gives to cards and other collectibles. Need proof? Here are just a few examples of the power of PSA grading.

Card PSA Grade Ungraded* Value PSA Price Realized
1915 Cracker Jack #30 Ty Cobb 9 $4,000 $94,798
1915 Sporting News M101-5 #151 Babe Ruth 8 $22,000 $140,665
1933 Goudey #160 Lou Gehrig 8.5 $3,000 $29,860
1934 Goudey #47 John Frederick 9 $250 $21,648
1948 Leaf #8 Satchel Paige 8 $12,000 $70,671
1948 Leaf Football #54 Chuck Bednarik 8 $500 $38,561
1949 Bowman #148 Bob Swift 8 $50 $4,715
1949 Bowman #225 Jerry Coleman 9 $50 $5,635
1951 Bowman #305 Willie Mays 9 $3,000 $109,639
1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle 10 $8,500 $600,000
1952 Bowman #101 Mickey Mantle 10 $2,500 $74,911
1952 Topps #310 Mickey Mantle 9 $18,000 $282,588
1954 Topps #128 Hank Aaron 10 $1,500 $110,000
1954 Wilson Franks Ted Williams 9 $3,650 $109,638
1957 Topps #164 Tommy Carroll 10 $8 $2,132
1961 Fleer Basketball #37 Guy Rodgers 10 $15 $3,123
1962 Topps #5 Sandy Koufax 9 $135 $66,788
1963 Topps #540 Roberto Clemente 10 $300 $21,135
1963 Topps #300 Willie Mays 10 $150 $30,860
1965 Topps Football #122 Joe Namath 9 $1,500 $20,000
1969-70 Topps Basketball #20 John Havlicek 10 $150 $15,610
1971 Topps Football #1 Johnny Unitas 9 $30 $1,002
1971 Topps #440 Bert Campaneris 10 $2.50 $1,610
1975 Topps #500 Nolan Ryan 10 $50 $29,240
1986 Fleer Basketball #76 Johnny Moore 10 $1.25 $7,995