PSA Set Registry Set Requests

Updated 5/25/16

Should your PSA-graded set composite not be listed in the Set Registry, please submit a request form. Set composites for company sets and key cards sets are generally loaded a first-come-first-serve basis and can take from 4-6 weeks before the set goes online. However, if you provide weighting for your requested set, priority will be given to that set. You will not be notified that we have received your request, but it will appear on the list below within several days after you have submitted it. Please note that player sets, especially modern players, can take up to several months before they are available online as there is additional research involved. You will be notified when your set composite is online.

Team Sets:
If you are requesting a team year set, such as 1963 Topps New York Yankees set, we ask that you also provide a checklist for the set which can include league leader cards, team cards, World Series cards, checklists, 1974-1994 Topps Traded, 1995-2004 Topps Traded and Rookies, 2005 Topps Updates & Highlights (traded players #UH1-84 and rookies #UH221-310), 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights (cards #U1-170), and 2007 Topps Updates & Highlights (rookie cards only). 1973 through 1982 Topps Team Checklists cards can be included in the corresponding team sets. 1973 & 1974 fronts have signatures of each team member and the backs have the team checklist, but no picture. From 1975-1981 the title of the card is "Topps Team Checklist Sheets" and these have the team pictured. World Series cards must have players from the team set pictured. 

We define team sets as follows:

The team set consists of cards from one year from a single company that depict, on the cards, players from that team in that team's uniform who were players during that year. Exceptions: If a player was traded during the year and is pictured in another uniform but is still listed as part of the team in question on the face of the card, that card will be allowed. Conversely, a card which pictures a player in the proper uniform but is labeled on the face of the card as being part of another team, will not be part of the set. 

Player Sets:
In general, player sets consist of cards for that player which were manufactured during the player's play years. Exceptions: Many companies produce cards for players the year after the player has retired. These cards, with or without stats, issued the year following retirement are meant to depict the player’s previous season. In addition, there are a few vintage sets that may list one or two cards well past the play years. These cards are allowed due to their extreme popularity. For example, in the Babe Ruth Basic Set, the 1948 Leaf is listed even though Ruth retired in 1935. Player sets in the miscellaneous sports and non-sports categories may include post-retirement dated cards due to limited availability of play years cards.

Basic Player Sets:
Cards in basic sets include only the most popularly issued manufacturers and are closed for updates. Basic sets do not include cards from Parallel Sets, Insert Sets, or Parallel/Inserts Sets. Special cards and league leader cards are not included.



Cards for the basic basketball player sets are as follows: BOWMAN, FINEST, FLEER/FLEER TRADIITION, HOOPS, SKYBOX, SP/SP AUTHENTIC, STADIUM CLUB, TOPPS, ULTRA, and UPPER DECK.


Basic & Collector Issues Player Sets:
These sets, for modern players (post-1971), include all cards defined as a "Main Set" cards (promos, prototypes and test sets excluded), but do not include cards from Parallel Sets, Insert Sets, or Parallel/Inserts Sets. Special cards and league leader cards are not included.

Master Player Sets:
All cards, with the exception of unique or very limited edition cards (1-3 print runs), are accepted in the Master player sets. If a player is featured on a team set card, it will be allowed. Cards which may picture a player but make no mention of said player on the card are not allowed. Items that do not picture the corresponding player will not be allowed. In addition, some handcut/panel/perforated issues may only be used in one slot and may not be required in multiple slots. If you are uncertain that your card qualifies, please email [email protected] for confirmation.

Note there are a few sets which PSA does not grade, but authenticates only.  Cards from the following sets will be added to the player sets as optional and will not be required:  1967 Topps Test Discs, 1968 Topps Discs, 1970 Topps Super Square Cornered Proof - Blank Back.  This list may be updated in the future.

Player sets have evolved since they were first introduced in the PSA Set Registry. Therefore, there may be some inconsistencies. Please email [email protected] with any changes you feel should be made.

Super Player Sets:
These sets have the same rules as the master sets, however cards issued past the player's play years are allowed in the super sets.

Player Card Requests to Established Sets:
Player set compositions, especially for modern basic sets and all master sets, are constantly expanding as new cards are graded by PSA. If you have a card that does not yet appear in a player set, you may request that it be added to the set. Cards which are considered print errors and are not established variations, will be added as either/or to the base card. Beginning January 1, 2007, pins will also be included in the player sets.

Card requests submitted before May 1st every year will be added to the set before the awards deadline.  Cards submitted during May will be added after the awards deadline.

To request an addition to a player set, please login to My Set Registry and view the set in My Sets.  There you will find a link called "Report a cert that should match this composite."  From this link you can make your request. 

Rookie Player Sets:
Rookie sets contain cards which are recognized as official rookie cards by the industry. Some sources include Leaf and OPC issues. If these are requested by the collector who has requested the set, then the composite will include those cards when it is loaded. Once the set goes live there will be no additions/deletions made to the set.

HOF and Key Card Sets:
Additions to the HOF and Key Card sets are possible. Every year new HOF inductions are made. In addition, some players may have performed well enough in recent years to warrant addition to All-Time sets. In some cases only one card will qualify for addition to the set. There are some cases where several cards may qualify. In a Key Card set members will be polled for their opinion. The majority vote will determine which card is added. If less than 50% of the members polled respond, then experts at PSA will select the card for addition. Additions to HOF sets requiring a rookie card are updated as requested and in some cases may also require a poll amongst set registrants. If the set requires rookie cards, only the cards which are recognized as official rookie cards for the player will be accepted.  A list of these cards can be found in the Ultimate Rookie Card Encyclopedia.  In the rookie sets, multiple cards may be accepted for each player.
  In the case in which a HOFer does not have a rookie and or popular/mainstream issue card, this player will not be included in the HOF Team and Key Card sets which require a specific card. HOF sets that allow any card for a particular player will be updated as new inductions are made and brought to our attention.

About Weighting:
Each item within a set is assigned a weight based on the value of the item in NM-MT condition. Most sets are broken down using a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the greatest weight. Some sets feature ultra-rare items. Those items will command a much higher weighting according to their relative rarity. If the set is very small with little variation in individual item prices, then the scale may be 1-5. For more information on weighting and how sets are ranked, visit the
RULES page.

If you have any further questions on how the set registry works, click rules and benefits above or send your question to
[email protected].

Thank you.

Company Sets 
College Football HOF Coaches
1969-70 NHL First All-Star Team
1969-70 NHL Second All-Star Team
1970-71 NHL First All-Star Team
1970-71 NHL Second All-Star Team
1971-72 NHL First All-Star Team
1972-73 NHL First All-Star Team
1973-74 NHL First All-Star Team
1974-75 NHL First All-Star Team
1974-75 NHL Second All-Star Team
1975-76 NHL First All-Star Team
1975-76 NHL Second All-Star Team
1976-77 NHL First All-Star Team
1976-77 NHL Second All-Star Team
1977-78 NHL First All-Star Team
1977-78 NHL Second All-Star Team
1978-79 NHL First All-Star Team
1978-79 NHL Second All-Star Team
1979-80 NHL First All-Star Team
1938-39 NHL Second All-Star Team
1980-81 NHL First All-Star Team         
1980-81 NHL Second All-Star Team        
1981-82 NHL First All-Star Team         
1982-83 NHL First All-Star Team         
1982-83 NHL Second All-Star Team        
1983-84 NHL First All-Star Team         
1983-84 NHL Second All-Star Team        
1984-85 NHL First All-Star Team         
1984-85 NHL Second All-Star Team        
1985-86 NHL First All-Star Team         
1985-86 NHL Second All-Star Team        
1986-87 NHL First All-Star Team         
1986-87 NHL Second All-Star Team        
1987-88 NHL First All-Star Team         
1988-89 NHL First All-Star Team         
1988-89 NHL Second All-Star Team        
1989-90 NHL First All-Star Team         
1989-90 NHL Second All-Star Team
1990-91 NHL First All-Star Team
1990-91 NHL Second All-Star Team
1991-92 NHL First Team All-Star
1991-92 NHL Second All-Star Team
1992-93 NHL First All-Star Team
1992-93 NHL Second All-Star Team
1993-94 NHL First All-Star Team
1993-94 NHL Second All-Star Team
1994-95 NHL First All-Star Team
1994-95 NHL Second All-Star Team
1995-96 NHL First All-Star Team
1995-96 NHL Second All-Star Team
1996-97 NHL First All-Star Team
1996-97 NHL Second All-Star Team
1997-98 NHL First All-Star Team
1997-98 NHL Second All-Star Team
1998-99 NHL First All-Star Team
1999-00 NHL First All-Star Team
1999-00 NHL Second All-Star Team
2000-01 NHL First All-Star Team
2000-01 NHL Second All-Star Team
2001-02 NHL First All-Star Team
2002-03 NHL First All-Star Team
2003-04 NHL First All-Star Team
2003-04 NHL Second All-Star Team
2005-06 NHL First All-Star Team
2005-06 NHL Second All-Star Team
2006-07 NHL First All-Star Team
2007-08 NHL First All-Star Team
2007-08 NHL Second All-Star Team
2008-09 NHL First All-Star Team
2009-10 NHL First All-Star Team
2009-10 NHL Second All-Star Team
2010-11 NHL First All-Star Team
2011-12 NHL First All-Star Team
2013-14 NHL First All-Star Team
2014-15 NHL First All-Star Team
2014-15 NHL Second All-Star Team
NHL 100 Point Scorers Hockey
NHL Trophy Namesakes Hockey
1971-72 NHL Second All-Star Team
Darrell Waltrip - Daytona Race Wins Tickets
2006 Topps Chrome Rainbow Aaron Rodgers Football 
1979-80 NHL Second All-Star Team
1987-88 NHL Second All-Star Team
2001-02 NHL Second All-Star Team
2011-12 NHL Second All-Star Team 
Hart Trophy Winners Autographs Hockey
Daytona Nascar Race Winners (1959-Present) Tickets
Nascar HOF Driver's Winning Races Tickets
1971 St. Louis Cardinals Picture Pack Baseball  
Vezina Trophy Winners Autographs Hockey
2015 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Non-Sports
1972-73 NHL Second All-Star Team
1987 Chargers Police Football
2014 The Walking Dead Season 3 Autographs Non-Sports
2015 Canada Post Great Canadian Goalies Hockey
1923-24 McLauchlan Owen Sound Greys Hockey
1994-95 Skybox E-Motion N-Tense Basketball
1998-99 NHL Second All-Star Team
2012-13 NHL First All-Star Team
2008-09 NHL Second All-Star Team
2012-13 Panini Gold Standard Mother Lode Autographs Basketball
1932 Haus Bergmann Sport Karakituren Misc. Sports
2005 Topps All-American Autograph Chrome Refractors Baseball
Jeff Gordon - NASCAR Cup Wins Tickets
1938 Louis Gerard Ltd Modern Armaments Non-Sports
1961 Union Oil Tacoma Giants Baseball
1967 Mister Softee Ltd. Lord Neilson's Star Cards Non-Sports
1997 Scoreboard Mickey Mantle Baseball
1936 J. Wix & Sons LTD.  Henry (4th Series) Non-Sports
Don Mattingly Topps Cello Packs (1984-1989)
2002-03 NHL Second All-Star Team
2006-07 NHL Second All-Star Team
1938 John Sinclair Ltd. Champion Dogs - Small Non-Sports
1958 Kane Products Ltd. International Football Stars Soccer
2014 Topps Chrome Rainbow Colin Kaepernick Rainbow
2010-11 NHL Second All Star Team
2012-13 NHL Second All-Star Team
2013-14 NHL Second All-Star Team
1956-1967 Topps Kansas City Athletics Team Cards Baseball
Mike Schmidt Topps Cello Packs - Top (1973-1989)
2015 Topps Update - Basic Baseball
2016 Topps Update - Master Baseball
1986 JOGO CFL Football
1971 Pittsburgh Pirates Autograph Cards Baseball
Not In The Hall of Fame Rookies Hockey
1956 Mitcham Foods Footballers Misc. Sports
2015 Cryptozoic Arrow Season 2 Autographs Non-Sports
2015 Rittenhouse Archives Game Of Thrones Season 4 Autographs Non-Sports
Lady Byng Memorial Trophy Winners Autographs Hockey
1915 Canadian Chicle Co. World War I Non-Sports      
1933 Teepee Picture Gum (V416) Non-Sports            
1959 Maple Leaf The Sax Set (V417) Non-Sports
2001 SP Authentic Stars of Japan Baseball
2000 Topps Pokemon TV Animation Clear Cards Non-Sports
1930 Major Drapkin & Co. Sporting Celebrities Misc. Sports
1968 Pirates Team Issue Baseball
2006 Frankenstein Authentic Cinema Filmcard Non-Sports
2015 Allen & Ginter The First Americans Mini Buybacks Non-Sports
1979 The Gong Show Stickers Non-Sports
1931 Cigarrera Biggott (E211) Misc. Sports
1960 Elephant Jokes Non-Sports
Pro Football First Ballot HOF Wide Receivers Rookie Players
1988 Little Sun Black Sox Baseball
2002 Upper Deck Golf Gold
2001 SP Authentic Preview Gold Golf
2003 Upper Deck Renditions Gold
2002 SP Authentic Limited Golf
2003 SP Authentic Limited Golf
2014 SP Game Used Tour Gear Golf
2014 SP Game Used Tour Gear Combos Golf
2014 SP Game Used Tour Gear Trios Golf
2014 SP Game Used Front 9 Dual Swatch Combos Golf
1930 Amatller Chocolate Tennis
1984 Star Carl Yastrzemski Baseball
2015 Topps Archives Baseball
All-Time New York Islanders Hockey
All-Time San Jose Sharks Hockey
2008 History of Nike Set Misc. Sports
West Virginia University All-Time Greatest Rookies Football
All-Time Florida Panthers Hockey
1985 Football Immortals Autographs Football
2003 Flair Greats Baseball
1995 Fleer Shell Game Card Football
1933 World Wide Gum Ice Kings English Only Back Hockey
1949 Turf Cigarettes Sports Series with Tab Hand-Cut Misc. Sports

Team Sets
2015 Topps New England Patriots
1981 Topps Denver Broncos
1977-78 Topps Detroit Pistons
1992-93 O-Pee-Chee Montreal Canadiens
1956 Topps San Francisco 49ers

Player Sets
Bronko Nagurski Football & Wrestling
Guy LaFleur Basic and Collector Issues
Lance McCullers Jr.
Dan Marino Super Set
Roberto Alomar Basic & Collector Issues Set
Roger Maris Super Set
Dave Stieb Super Set
Zinedine Zidane
Anfernee Hardaway             
Fred McGriff            
Noah Syndergaard        
Steve Matz               
Tito Francona           
Dave Goltz Topps
Buddy Biancalana

Addie Joss
Rocky Colavito Super Set
Martina Navratilova
Eddie Lacy

Andy Pettitte
Reggie Lewis
Gary Anderson
Wayne Rooney
Dan Quisenberry Super Set
Taylor Twellman
Charles Haley Topps Set
Frank Gore Topps Set
Patrick Willis Topps Set
Tom Brookens Topps Set
Mike Henneman Topps Set
Dave Bergman Topps Set
Joe Coleman Topps Set
Jordy Nelson Topps Set
Ivan Lendl
Chuck Howley 
Vava (Edvaldo Jizídio Neto)
Walter Neusel
Tommy Farr
Steve Owens Topps Set
Marcus Dupree
Keith Jackson Master Set
Al Hrabosky Basic Set
Don Newcombe
Marv Hubbard 
Doug Flutie
Donald Driver Topps
Al Jolson
Georges Vezina
Dominik Hasek
Carl Lewis
Trevor Hoffman
Carli Lloyd
Bryce Harper Topps
Don Money Topps
Bob Horner Set
Cy Young Basic Set
Jim Otis
Carol Vadnais
Miguel Sano
Kris Bryant Rookie Set
John Franco
Mel Bridgman
Stephen Curry Rookie Set
Stephen Curry
Chris Mullin
Jack Morris Topps
Jose Rijo
Dikembe Mutombo Rookie Set
Scott Niedermayer Rookie Set
Wayne Terwilliger
Michael Carter-Williams
Hines Ward Rookie Set
Le'Veon Bell Rookie Set
Antonio Brown Rookie Set
Heath Miller Rookie Set
Venus Williams
Nolan Ryan Super Set
Jonathan Toews Rookie Set
Sandy Alomar Jr.
Sal Maglie Super Set
Matt Harvey Rookie Set
Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey Topps Set
Bill Thompson
Eugene Robinson
Anthony Rizzo Rookie Set
Eric Hosmer Rookie Set
Jim Kelly Topps Set
Reggie White Topps Set
Andre Tippett Topps Set
Aroldis Chapman Rookie Set
Ron Kittle Rookie Set
Chris Doleman
Bernie Kosar Basic Set
Ben Johnson
Claude Giroux
Greg Ellis Rookie Set
Don Mincher
Ted Williams Topps
Len Wilkens Basic Set
Henry Cotton
Kris Bryant
Chris Davis Rookie Set
Anthony Rendon Rookie Set
Fred Couples
Payne Stewart
Ernie Els
Zach Johnson
Nick Flado
Seve Ballesteros
Greg Norman
Tom Morris
James Braid
Russ Grimm
Dallas Smith Topps
Paul Goldschmidt
Lee Trevino
Johnny Miller
Billy Casper
Hale Irwin 
Davis Love III 
Bernhard Langer 
Dustin Johnson
Bubba Watson
Mordecai Brown
Luc Robitaille Rookie Set
Adam Scott
Raymond Floyd
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
Dennis Rodman Fleer
Bill Laimbeer Fleer
Jose Altuve Rookie Set
Marcus Mariota Rookie Set
W.R. "Dixie" Dean
Jack Petersen
Andy Murray
Kim Clijsters
Maria Sharapova
Lana Turner
Diego Maradona
King Kong Bundy
Champ Bailey
Jerry Lumpe Topps
Tito Santana
Troy Polamalu Rookie Set
Odell Beckham Jr. Rookie Set
Kerry Wood Topps
Tyler Toffoli
Bill Davis Rookie Set
Biff Pocoroba
Bruce Benedict
Dan Osinski Topps
Terrell Davis Super Set
Pat Stapleton
Tom Brunansky
Dave Stallworth Super Set
Angelique Kerber
Martina Hingis
Don Buford
Jerry Rice Rookie Set
Jerry Lumpe
Karl Anthony Towns Rookie Set
Karl Anthony Towns
Anthony Davis Rookie Set
Christie Rampone
Christie Rampone Basic & Collectors Issues Set
Art Donovan Basic Set
Lord Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941)
Butch Hobson
Tony Canzoneri
Jimi Hendrix
Jose Abreu Topps
Max Scherzer Topps
Monica Seles
Jim Courier Basic & Collectors Issues Set
Rod Laver Basic & Collectors Issues Set
Michael Jackson
Andrew McCutchen Topps
Justine Henin
Greta Garbo
Peter Forsberg
Brett Butler Rookie Set
Sidney Crosby O-Pee-Chee
Bobby Clarke O-Pee-Chee
Mariano Rivera Super Set
Ray Lewis Rookie Set
Lewis & Clark
Carlos Correa Rookie Set
Joc Pederson Rookie Set
Tyler Lockett Rookie Set
Yogi Berra Topps
Nicolai Khabibulin Rookie Set
Vincent Lecavalier Rookie Set
Patrick Marleau Rookie Set
Esa Tikkanen Rookie Set
Pat Verbeek Rookie Set
Bill Ranford Rookie Set
Jeff Burroughs
Mats Sundin Rookie Set
Steve Rogers Topps
Baron Davis
Ric Flair
Jay Bell
Steve Kerr             
Klay Thompson Rookie Set
Oscar Moller
Billy Williams Topps
Francisco Lindor Rookie Set
Chico Carrasquel