1958 Hires Root Beer with Tabs: Matt's 58 Root Beers

Matt's 58 Root Beers

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Rank 4
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 5.809
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 5.809
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Matt's 58 Root Beers
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
064358010110RICHIE ASHBURN 76464
064358011111CHICO CARRASQUEL65555
064358012112DAVE PHILLEY 4227227
064358013113DON NEWCOMBE 4423423
064358014114WALLY POST 5421421
064358015115RIP REPULSKI 5516516
064358016116CHICO FERNANDEZ 712171217
064358017117LARRY DOBY 512251225
064358018118HECTOR BROWN 7MC522522
064358019119DANNY O'CONNELL 8MC111111
064358020120GRANNY HAMNER 6MC229229
064358021121DICK GROAT 5MC326326
064358022122RAY NARLESKI 2334334
064358023123PEE WEE REESE 7157157
064358024124BOB FRIEND 5334334
064358025125WILLIE MAYS 510411041
064358026126BOB NIEMAN 613221322
064358027127FRANK THOMAS 6MC636636
064358028128CURT SIMMONS 7MC810810
064358029129STAN LOPATA 6.5121121
064358030130BOB SKINNER 8MC8080
064358031131RON KLINE 613221322
064358032132WILLIE MIRANDA 7MC424424
064358033133BOBBY AVILA 5329329
064358034134CLEM LABINE 615171517
064358035135RAY JABLONSKI 77575
064358036136BILL MAZEROSKI 713171317
064358037137BILLY GARDNER 8171171
064358038138PETE RUNNELS 797118
064358039139JACK SANFORD 8133133
064358040140DAVE SISLER 7MC310310
064358041141DON ZIMMER 8MC7171
064358042142JOHNNY PODRES 4135135
064358043143DICK FARRELL 6416416
064358044144HANK AARON 7138138
064358045145BILL VIRDON 8MC16141614
064358046146BOBBY THOMSON 5333333
064358047147WILLARD NIXON 8.51313
064358048148BILLY LOES 7724724
064358049149HANK SAUER 612271227
064358050150JOHNNY ANTONELLI712111211
064358051151DARYL SPENCER 8MC917917
064358052152KEN LEHMAN 717101710
064358053153SAMMY WHITE 6237237
064358054154CHARLEY NEAL 3333333
064358055155DON DRYSDALE 6928928
064358056156JACKIE JENSEN 5MC426426
064358057157RAY KATT 6431431
064358058158FRANK SULLIVAN 8146146
064358059159ROY FACE 88585
064358060160WILLIE JONES 87272
064358061161DUKE SNIDER 511321132
064358062162WHITEY LOCKMAN 7119119
064358063163GINO CIMOLI 611211121
064358064164MARV GRISSOM 6.5113113
064358065165GENE BAKER 6MC715715
064358066166GEORGE ZUVERINK 8MC12221222
064358067167TED KLUSZEWSKI 610171017
064358068168JIM BUSBY 7128128
064358070170CURT BARCLAY 5331331
064358071171HANK FOILES 8MC121121
064358072172GENE STEPHENS 7.5113113
064358073173AL WORTHINGTON 8101101
064358074174AL WALKER 5325325
064358075175BOB BOYD 4MC514514
064358076176AL PILARCIK 3211312
Hello Matt - I see you are getting close....would this be of interest to you? PSA 8 Nixon and PSA 8 Jones for you PSA 8.5 Nixon??? write to above address if so; if not Good Luck, Bob
Posted @ 2/26/2012 6:49 PM By Big Z
Hello Matt - was still hoping to hear back from you - even if it is to say no thanks.... I have 4 you need in PSA 8 plus Nixon also in 8. Very reasonable prices from a fellow collector. See my set to see what I have. BIG Z - [email protected]
Posted @ 8/8/2011 8:14 PM By Big Z
nice progress...I have 3 or 4 that could help you - would like to discuss the Nixon 8.5.... contact "Big Z" if you would like.
Posted @ 7/22/2011 4:21 PM By Big Z