1962 Topps Mars Attacks: jims mars attacks set #2

jims mars attacks set #2

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Weighted GPA 6.492
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Set Rating 6.492
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jims mars attacks set #2
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
88236200101THE INVASION BEGINS73916
88236200303ATTACKING ARMY BASE74945
88236200404SAUCERS BLAST OUR JETS74039
88236200505WASHINGTON IN FLAMES67790
88236200606BURNING NAVY SHIPS66088
88236200707DESTROYING BRIDGE66899
88236200808TIMES SQUARE TERROR66595
88236200909THE HUMAN TORCH679111
882362010010THE SKYSCRAPER TUMBLES676109
882362011011DESTROY THE CITY8414
882362012012DEATH IN THE COCKPIT75936
882362013013WATCHING FROM MARS75839
882362014014CHARRED BY MARTIANS76448
882362015015SAUCERS INVADE CHINA67994
882362016016PANIC IN PARLIAMENT76743
882362017017BEAST AND THE BEAUTY68492
882362018018SOLDIER FIGHTS BACK66273
882362019019BURNING FLESH76948
882362020020CRUSHED TO DEATH75739
882362021021PRIZE CAPTIVE687125
882362022022BURNING CATTLE75951
882362023023THE FROST RAY68292
882362024024THE SHRINKING RAY84912
882362025025CAPTURING A MARTIAN67399
882362026026THE TIDAL WAVE66289
882362027027THE GIANT FLIES75539
882362028028HELPLESS VICTIM66474
882362029029DEATH IN THE SHELTER676105
882362031031THE MONSTER REACHES IN77157
882362032032ROBOT TERROR76340
882362033033REMOVING THE VICTIMS8355
882362034034TERROR IN THE RAILROAD681100
882362035035THE FLAME THROWERS84211
882362036036DESTROYING A DOG693122
882362037037CREEPING MENACE67199
882362038038VICTIMS OF THE BUG678110
882362039039ARMY OF GIANT INSECTS65378
882362040040HIGH VOLTAGE67191
882362041041HORROR IN PARIS8404
882362042042HAIRY FIEND67376
882362043043BLASTING THE BUG75928
882362044044BATTLE IN THE AIR672120
882362046046BLAST OFF FOR MARS77755
882362047047EARTH BOMBS MARS74641
882362048048EARTHMEN LAND ON MARS676128
882362049049THE EARTHMEN CHARGE76843
882362050050SMASHING THE ENEMY670101
882362051051CRUSHING THE MARTIANS75949
882362052052GIANT ROBOT75031
882362053053MARTIAN CITY IN RUINS669100
882362054054MARS EXPLODES8OC5048