1933 Goudey Sport Kings: Threeputts Goudey Sports Kings

Threeputts Goudey Sports Kings

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About this set: One of the three most beautiful sets ever. The others being the 1954 Topps Hockey and the 1955 Topps All-American Football. I am seeking to complete the Sports Kings and All-Americans in NearMint PSA 7's. The Topps Hockey is my first love and grades out as the finest set ever in it's category. Always looking to up-grade cards that are below NearMint 7.

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Threeputts Goudey Sports Kings
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
09773300101TY COBB (HOF)71930
09773300202BABE RUTH (HOF)72924
09773300303NAT HOLMAN (HOF)72913
09773300404RED GRANGE (HOF)73335
09773300505ED WATCHER (HOF)72925
09773300606JIM THORPE (HOF)71729
09773300707BOBBY WALTHOUR SR.72525
09773300808WALTER HAGEN (HOF)71918
09773300909ED BLOOD73122
097733010010ANSTON LEKANG73518
097733011011CHARLES JEWTRAW72216
097733012012BOBBY MCLEAN73021
097733013013LAVERNE FATOR72228
097733014014JIM LONDOS71519
097733015015REGGIE MCNAMARA72713
097733016016BILL TILDEN (HOF)72521
097733017017JACK DEMPSEY (HOF)73324
097733018018GENE TUNNEY (HOF)71625
097733019019EDDIE SHORE (HOF)72329
097733020020DUKE KAHANAMOKU72220
097733021021JOHNNY WEISSMULLER72321
097733022022GENE SARAZEN (HOF)71715
097733023023VINCENT RICHARDS71517
097733024024HOWIE MORENZ (HOF)71915
097733025025RALPH SNODDY7715
097733026026JAMES WEDELL71723
097733027027ROSCOE TURNER71614
097733028028JAMES DOOLITTLE71415
097733029029ACE BAILEY (HOF)71217
097733030030IRVIN JOHNSON71817
097733031031BOBBY WALTHOUR JR.71512
097733032032JOE LOPCHICK71816
097733033033EDDIE BURKE71116
097733034034IRVING JAFFEE71615
097733035035KNUTE ROCKNE72829
097733036036WILLIE HOPPE71432
097733037037HELENE MADISON72020
097733038038BOBBY JONES (HOF)72723
097733039039JACK WESTROPE71519
097733040040DON GEORGE71927
097733041041JIM BROWNING71432
097733042042CARL HUBBELL (HOF)72241
097733043043PRIMO CARNERA71426
097733044044MAX BAER (HOF)61227
097733045045BABE DIDRICKSON71326
097733046046ELLWORTH VINES71922
097733047047J.H. STEVENS71415
097733048048LEONARD SEPPALA71019
Great set, thanks for having pictures. Im debating starting this set and I think your pictures sealed the deal!
Posted @ 2/8/2012 7:25 AM By smotan
Fantastic set and congratulations on owning the highest rated set with all scans shown. It displays wonderfully. Thank you for sharing.
Posted @ 6/13/2010 10:58 PM By Weinhold
Nice set. Thanks for the pictures. I've wanted to try this set for a while, and it's nice to see them all together.
Posted @ 10/28/2009 9:05 PM By ScarceSportscards