1961-62 Topps: dr.alex


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Rank 5
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 8.415
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.415
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About this set:  When I started this set in 2005, I was told that #'s 63, 64, and 65 were impossible to get in PSA 8. My hope is still to find a #64 in PSA 8 or higher.

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Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04016100101PHIL WATSON8125
04016100202TED GREEN8247
04016100303EARL BALFOUR8296
04016100404DALLAS SMITH84312
04016100505ANDRE PRONOVOST83512
04016100606DICK MEISSNER960
04016100707LEO BOIVIN960
04016100808JOHNNY BUCYK8166
04016100909JERRY TOPPAZZINI83214
040161010010DOUG MOHNS8419
040161011011CHARLIE BURNS8349
040161012012DON MCKENNEY8106
040161013013BOB ARMSTRONG8217
040161014014MURRAY OLIVER8315
040161015015ORLAND KURTENBACH9160
040161016016TERRY GRAY84412
040161017017DON HEAD8269
040161018018PAT STAPLETON82715
040161019019CLIFF PENNINGTON9150I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040161020020BRUINS TEAM PICTURE85113
040161021021ACTION PICTURE8255
040161022022ACTION PICTURE8196
040161023023RUDY PILOUS CO82811
040161024024PIERRE PILOTE9100I have a Psa8 if you''re interesred
040161025025ELMER VASKO84613
040161026026REG FLEMING84312
040161027027AB MCDONALD9191I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040161028028ERIC NESTERENKO8.5419I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040161029029BOBBY HULL9312I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040161030030KEN WHARRAM8.5314I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040161031031DOLLARD ST.LAURENT84712
040161032032GLENN HALL8.5314
040161033033MURRAY BALFOUR9192I have a Psa 8.5 if you're interested
040161034034RON MURPHY9110
040161035035BILL(RED) HAY8526
040161036036STAN MIKITA85326Nov. 5,2005
040161037037DENIS DEJORDY8368
040161038038WAYNE HILLMAN940
040161039039RINO ROBAZZO8377
040161040040BRONCO HORVATH8.539I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040161041041BOB TURNER8339
040161043043ACTION PICTURE8218
040161044044ACTION PICTURE82110
040161045045DOUG HARVEY CO9172I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040161046046JUNIOR LANGLOIS9152I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040161047047IRV SPENCER9110I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
040161048048GEORGE SULLIVAN982I have a PSA 8.5 if you're interested
040161049049EARL INGARFIELD8.5315I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
040161050050GUMP WORSLEY9210
040161051051HARRY HOWELL85614
040161052052LARRY CAHAN9151I have a Psa 8.5 if you're interested
040161053053ANDY BATHGATE84023
040161054054DEAN PRENTICE9152I have a Psa 8.5 and Psa 8 if you're interested.
040161055055ANDY HEBENTON84519I have another Psa8 if you're interested
040161056056CAMILLE HENRY83120
040161057057JEAN-GUY GENDRON85314
040161058058PAT HANNIGAN9160I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040161059059TED HAMPSON962
040161060060JEAN RATELLE84910
040161061061AL LEBRUN83411
040161062062ROD GILBERT86012
040161063063RANGERS TEAM PICTURE8160I have a Psa 7 if you're interested
040161064064ACTION PICTURE7167I have a PSA 8(MC) if you're interested
040161065065ACTION PICTURE854
040161066066CHECKLIST CARD8222