1933-34 O-Pee-Chee (V304) Master: Strohman's 1933 OPC Master

Strohman's 1933 OPC Master

Current Statistics
Rank 9
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 4.256
Complete 51.39%
Set Rating 2.557
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Strohman's 1933 OPC Master
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04313300101DANNY COX559
04313300202JOE LAMB41528
04313300303EDDIE SHORE41722
04313300404KEN DORATY41520
04313300505FRED HITCHMAN585
04313300606NELS STEWART4.5122
04313300707WALTER GALBRAITH569
04313300808DIT CLAPPER51213
04313300909HAROLD OLIVER41325
043133010010REGINALD HORNER51212
043133012012JOE PRIMEAU41222
043133013013ACE BAILEY41332
043133014014GEORGE PATTERSON42020
043133015015GEORGE HAINSWORTH41920
043133016016OTT HELLER 
043133017017ART SOMERS4922
043133018018LORNE CHABOT41329
043133019019JOHN GAGNON4529
043133020020ALFRED LEPINE4618
043133021021WILDOR LAROCHELLE41728
043133022022GEORGES MANTHA 
043133023023HOWIE MORENZ 
043133024024SYD. HOWE5915
043133025025FRANK FINNIGAN 
043133026026BILL TOUHEY41221
043133027027RALPH WEILAND41231
043133028028LEO BOURGEAULT41013
043133029029NORMIE HIMES51717
043133030030JOHN SHEPPARD41722
043133031031KING CLANCY41347
043133032032CLARENCE DAY 
043133033033HARVEY JACKSON42836
043133034034CHARLEY CONACHER41732
043133035035HAROLD COTTON6175
043133037037MURRAY MURDOCH 
043133038038BILL COOK51216
043133039039CHING JOHNSON41131
043133040040HAPPY EMMS41026
043133041041BERT McINENLY 
043133042042JOHN SORRELL 
043133043043BILL PHILLIPS41238
043133044044CHARLES McVEIGH41317
043133045045ROY WORTERS41720
043133046046ALBERT LEDUC 
043133047047NICK WASNIE 
043133048048ARMAND MONDOU41425
043133049049BABE SIEBERT 
043133050050AUREL JOLIAT 
043133051051LAURIE AURIE 
043133053053JOHN ROSS ROACH 
043133054054BILL BEVERIDGE 
043133055055EARL ROBINSON 
043133056056JIMMY WARD 
043133057057ARCHIE WILCOX 
043133058058LORNE DUGUID 
043133059059DAVE KERR 
043133060060BALDY NORTHCOTT41133
043133062062DAVE TROTTIER 
043133063063WALLY KILREA 
043133064064GLEN BRYDSON 
043133065065VERONON AYERS 
043133066066BOB GRACIE 
043133067067VIC RIPLEY 
043133068068TINY THOMPSON 
043133069069ALEX SMITH 
043133070070ANDY BLAIR 
043133071071CECIL DILLON 
043133072072BUN COOK 
This is Latenighttoronto at [email protected] I am considering a sale for a Roy Worters PSA4 & a Tiny Thompson PSA4 1933-34 OPC. They are such low populations for these cards I thought you might be interested.
Posted @ 10/19/2011 6:30 PM By LEEDS