Mickey Mantle Basic Set: Jim Cheeks Meeks Basic Mantle set

Jim Cheeks Meeks Basic Mantle set

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About this set: Finally got my Topps 52 Mantle in a higher grade.Owe thanks to many, Levi for many of my cards, Shane for helping me get my first 52 Topps, and special thanks to my friend Herb L. for parting with his grade 7 52 Topps. Mantle was my hero when I was 11 years old, he was the man and a true Natural. 3.1 seconds to first base(still a record) and longest recorded home run of 565 feet. On several occasions he came close to hitting the ball out of Ruth's House that experts agreed would have been 700 foot blasts.

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Jim Cheeks Meeks Basic Mantle set
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
01025125302531951 BOWMAN MICKEY MANTLE6204178204178Thanks Levi707
01025210101011952 BOWMAN MICKEY MANTLE81061810618Thanks Levi707
01015231103111952 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE773497349Thanks Herb
0182530590591953 BOWMAN COLOR MICKEY MANTLE9221221
0101530820821953 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE893149314Thanks Herb
0102540650651954 BOWMAN MICKEY MANTLE885178517Thanks Levi707
01025520202021955 BOWMAN MICKEY MANTLE881138113Thanks Levi707
01015613501351956 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE83337033671
0101570950951957 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9221221Thanks Levi 707
01015815001501958 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9250250Thanks iceking
0101590100101959 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9251251
01016035003501960 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9290290Thanks Levi707
01016130003001961 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9702702
01016220002001962 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE81631716317
01016320002001963 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9402402
0101640500501964 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9431431Thanks iceking
01016535003501965 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9450450Thanks Levi707
0101660500501966 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9541541
01016715001501967 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE9682682Thanks Levi707
01016828002801968 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE915781578Thanks iceking
01016950005001969 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE 9521562Thanks Levi707