1935 National Chicle: jason_basin


Current Statistics
Rank 19
Weighted GPA 4.269
Complete 97.22%
Set Rating 3.964
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About this set: Tough set in any condition. You can throw away the SMR guide when it comes to the high numbers (25-36) they are expensive in any condition. The set has six HOFers and that year the Lions beat the Giants 26-7 for the tittle in Detroit Dec. 15th

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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
02673500101DUTCH CLARK54279HOFer 1963
02673500202BO MOLENDA52558
02673500303GEORGE KENNEALLY64134
02673500404ED MATESIC429115
02673500505GLENN PRESNELL72620
02673500606PUG RENTNER62835
02673500707KEN STRONG54485HOFer 1967
02673500808JIM ZYNTELL5.5378
02673500909KNUTE ROCKNE557120
026735010010CLIFF BATTLES52997HOFer 1968
026735011011TURK EDWARDS53177HOFer 1969
026735012012TOM HUPKE52279
026735013013HOMER GRIFFITHS4.53141
026735014014PHIL SORBOE534111
026735015015BEN CICCONE63361
026735016016BEN SMITH430132
026735017017TOM JONES64774
026735018018MIKE MIKULAK62665
026735019019RALPH KERCHEVAL6.5761
026735020020WARREN HELLER62456
026735021021CLIFF MONTGOMERY52178
026735022022SHIPWRECK KELLEY73927
026735023023BEATTIE FEATHERS527113
026735024024CLARKE HINKLE63352HOFer 1964
026735025025DALE BURNETT31466
026735026026JOHN ISOLA5550
026735027027BULL TOSI21081
026735028028STAN KOSTKA41339
026735029029JIM MacMURDO21484
026735030030ERNIE CADDEL31376
026735031031NIC NICCOLAI21684
026735032032CHESTER JOHNSTON21484
026735033033ERNIE SMITH11383
026735034034BRONKO NAGURSKI 
026735035035LUKE JOHNSOS21570
026735036036BERNIE MASTERSON52134