1961-62 Fleer: RTB


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Rank 11
Weighted GPA 8.027
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.027
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About this set: I purchased these cards in nickel gum packs during the winter of 1961/62. It's hard to believe that all of these PSA 9s & 8.5s were opened and shoved into my pocket at the store and then survived 40+ years before I sent them in for grading. If there were a registry ranking for best '61 Fleer basketball submitted by the original pack owners, I doubt anyone would beat this one!

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Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
03036100101AL ATTLES9120
03036100202PAUL ARIZIN8526
03036100303ELGIN BAYLOR712075
03036100404WALT BELLAMY980
03036100505ARLEN BOCKHORN8647
03036100606BOB BOOZER86011
03036100707CARL BRAUN89623
03036100808WILT CHAMBERLAIN815743
03036100909LARRY COSTELLO89129
030361010010BOB COUSY814031
030361011011WALTER DUKES88830
030361012012WAYNE EMBREY8.5420
030361013013DAVE GAMBEE88224
030361014014TOM GOLA810533
030361015015SIHUGO GREEN810418
030361016016HAL GREER813123
030361017017RICHIE GUERIN8.5221
030361018018CLIFF HAGAN9241
030361019019TOMMY HEINSOHN810630
030361020020BAILEY HOWELL89028
030361021021ROD HUNDLEY88622
030361022022K.C. JONES812022
030361023023SAM JONES812320
030361024024PHIL JORDAN8.5413
030361025025JOHN KERR87322
030361026026RUDY LARUSSO88433
030361027027GEORGE LEE88121
030361028028BOB LEONARD8.539
030361029029CLYDE LOVELLETTE88721
030361030030JOHN McCARTHY88517
030361031031TOM MESCHERY85617
030361032032WILLIE NAULLS86017
030361033033DON OHL85315
030361034034BOB PETTIT89616
030361035035FRANK RAMSEY88520
030361036036OSCAR ROBERTSON7153108
030361037037GUY RODGERS87924
030361038038BILL RUSSELL813331
030361039039DOLPH SCHAYES811220
030361040040FRANK SELVY87914
030361041041GENE SHUE88421
030361042042JACK TWYMAN810316
030361043043JERRY WEST813127
030361044044LEN WILKINS9213
030361045045PAUL ARIZIN810217
030361046046ELGIN BAYLOR810418
030361047047WILT CHAMBERLAIN811934
030361048048LARRY COSTELLO88520
030361049049BOB COUSY810921
030361050050WALTER DUKES89022
030361051051TOM GOLA8.5125
030361052052RICHIE GUERIN8.5518
030361053053CLIFF HAGAN89222
030361054054TOM HEINSOHN810422
030361055055BAILEY HOWELL88221
030361056056JOHN KERR811223
030361057057RUDY LARUSSO810717
030361058058CLYDE LOVELLETTE8.5516
030361059059BOB PETTIT8.5516
030361060060FRANK RAMSEY8.5423
030361061061OSCAR ROBERTSON810129
030361062062BILL RUSSELL813222
030361063063DOLPH SCHAYES810114
030361064064GENE SHUE86817
030361065065JACK TWYMAN86822
030361066066JERRY WEST7.5994
Amazing and great story, it is once in a lifetime. Also teriffic guy. Congrats, Michael
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