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Rank 7
Weighted GPA 6.702
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 6.702
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MarcB NBA Centers
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
0302480690691948 BOWMAN GEORGE MIKAN53711537115My own submission!!!
0301570130131957 TOPPS DOLPH SCHAYES69810098100My own submission!!!
0301570770771957 TOPPS BILL RUSSELL5131283131283My own submission!!!
0301570780781957 TOPPS CLYDE LOVELLETTE676687668
030361004041961 FLEER WALT BELLAMY67914979149
030361008081961 FLEER WILT CHAMBERLAIN7223206223206My own submission!!!
0301690100101969 TOPPS NATE THURMOND81113011130My own submission!!!
0301690250251969 TOPPS LEW ALCINDOR81332213322Cheers to JJetJ!!!
0301690560561969 TOPPS WES UNSELD81472314723
0301690600601969 TOPPS WILLLIS REED9241241Thx go to Jsn Miller!!! Playing "up"!!!
0301690750751969 TOPPS ELVIN HAYES81523315233
0301710470471971 TOPPS DAVE COWENS83207132071
0301710630631971 TOPPS BOB LANIER82574125741
03017120002001971 TOPPS DAN ISSEL81694116941
0301740390391974 TOPPS BILL WALTON83219332193My own submission!!!
03017525402541975 TOPPS MOSES MALONE 92982129821
03017711101111977 TOPPS ROBERT PARISH916291629
0303860320321986 FLEER PATRICK EWING81868105818681058
0303860820821986 FLEER AKEEM OLAJUWON82417158324171583
03088913801381989 HOOPS DAVID ROBINSON922855412285541
031792001011992 UPPER DECK SHAQUILLE ONEAL921682073167367