1986-87 Fleer Sticker: Tony's Dream Sticker Set

Tony's Dream Sticker Set

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About this set: Bought this set at the age of 12 in 1988 in Orlando, FL for $200 and that included the stickers. Michael Jordan is my favorite player and the centerpiece of my entire collection, so it was only obvious that this set would be my main collectible. I had been very hesitant to send the set into PSA as fear of losing the set or it not getting graded as high as I thought it would. When I sent it in I got a GPA/rating of 8.378 for the regular set & a GPA/rating of 6.227 for the stickers right off the bat (with 15 10's overall). Now I am in the process of upgrading each of the cards as good and economically as I can. I am also keeping a detailed spreadsheet of all expenses involved with the set to see what it cost to put this set together. Hope you all enjoy the set as much as I enjoy collecting it.

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Tony's Dream Sticker Set
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03048600101KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR91581015810
03048600202LARRY BIRD93541835418
03048600303ADRIAN DANTLEY93453334533
03048600404ALEX ENGLISH10560560
03048600505JULIUS ERVING93582535825
03048600606PATRICK EWING94684646846
03048600707MAGIC JOHNSON94612946129
03048600808MICHAEL JORDAN9135879135879
03048600909HAKEEM OLAJUWON94823348433
030486010010ISIAH THOMAS92772527725
030486011011DOMINIQUE WILKINS92852328523